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Digital marketing and SEO specialized for your home services business

Our team has specialists with years of marketing experience in your particular line of work.
We understand the competitive landscape and know what it takes to drive bottom-line growth
online for your business.

Plumbing Digital Marketing SEO Agency


Did you know that more than 1,800 Google searches occur each month in the United States just for plumbing services? The question is, can these potential customers find your plumbing company? With Cardinal, they can.

Painting Digital Marketing SEO Agency


The easiest way to find a painter is to Google it. Just ask any customer! Our tailored marketing and SEO strategies make sure your business attracts, engages, and converts new customers searching for painting services online.

HVAC Digital Marketing SEO Agency


The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) market is crowded and competitive! WIth more than 100,000 heating and air conditioning contractors in the United States alone, your digital presence is essential to standing out and attracting business. We can help.

Roofing Digital Marketing SEO Agency


To tap into your share of the $5B roofing industry, you can’t just rely on word of mouth alone. The market is just too competitive, and customers are too savvy not to shop around online. Cardinal specializes in helping roofing companies differentiate themselves in the digital marketplace

Remodeling Digital Marketing SEO Agency


A person’s home is one of their most important investments. When it’s time to remodel, homeowners turn to the internet to search for, find, and evaluate different remodeling companies. How does your digital footprint stack up? Our team can help you stand out.

Electrical Digital Marketing SEO Agency


The internet is a great place to look when you need an electrician. Each month, there are more than 4,000 Google searches for electrical service companies in the United States alone. To keep up with the competition, you need to show up online.

Pest Control Digital Marketing SEO Agency

Pest control

Few home services specializations are growing as fast as pest control. To tap into this impressive growth and stand out to potential customers, your business’s digital presence needs to be on point. And we know just how to help you do it.

With 60 percent of people finding their home services help online, building a highly visible web presence is critical to the success of your business. From plumbing and painting, to HVAC, remodeling, and more, Cardinal can take your digital marketing and SEO to the next level.

Go with a top-rated home services marketing agency

Your home services business is specialized and your digital marketing strategy should be, too.
We’ll assign dedicated account managers and marketing specialists based on their experience
within your specific industry, making sure we deliver the best results in the shortest
time frame possible.

What we do

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SEO & Content Management
We’ve got ranking content for home services
businesses down to a science.

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Paid Media
Get the most bang for your advertising buck
with PPC strategies tailored to home services.

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Social Media
Engage your audience, build brand, and drive qualified
leads through advanced social media strategies.

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Reputation Management
Manage your reviews across a number of channels
so that you’re always putting the best foot forward.

Who we help

Small Shops

Small to medium-sized shops
Whether you have an existing marketing team that’s spread too thin, or no marketing and SEO strategy at all, our team can help shoulder the load and lay the groundwork for expansion and growth.

Multiple Locations

Scaling to multiple locations
As you grow your home services business to include new shops, services, and locations, you need a cohesive and comprehensive marketing strategy that can scale with it.

Enterprise Home Services

Enterprise home services
Consolidate, optimize, and dial in your marketing campaigns across all channels to drive ROI, expand your reach, and gain the competitive edge.

How you’ll benefit

Maximize your advertising ROI

Like you, data guides everything that we do here at Cardinal. Our team of digital marketing and SEO specialists will dial each aspect of your digital strategy in to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

It’s home services marketing done smarter.

Maxmimize Real Estate Marketing ROI
Real Estate Warm Leads

Bring in warm leads

When we build out your advertising and SEO campaigns, our goal is to target the right people—people that are actively looking for your home service and nearing a purchase decision.

We don’t just deliver a high volume of leads, but leads that are ready to buy from you.

Solidify your digital presence and expand your reach across all channels

Whether your digital presence needs an overhaul, or you need to get off the ground but don’t have the resources, our team will get it done across all relevant channels.

More importantly, we’ll get it done right so your home services business continues to grow.

Reach Across Social Media Channels
Preserve Your Digital Reputation

Keep your online reputation spot free

Reviews are everything these days, especially in the home services game. Our team will conduct a full audit to make sure your reputation on platforms like Yelp, Google, and Facebook is in good standing.

We’ll also show you how to make the most out of the stellar ratings and reviews you’ve already earned.

Case Studies

HVAC Service Digital Marketing SEO Case Study
Plumber Digital Marketing SEO Case Study
Pest SEO Digital Marketing Case Study
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Home services marketing FAQ

What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

To understand SEO, start with something you probably do every single day: search the internet. You type a query into Google. Maybe you ask Alexa a question. And then you are presented with different web pages and content based on what you asked. The same is true when a prospective customer starts searching for, say, plumbing services in the area. Or pest control.

SEO comprises all the strategies, techniques, and tactics that can be employed to make sure a company’s website, branding, and other content ranks highly in search engines. Why? So that the right people can find you, right in their time of need, and reach out to learn more or book your services.

Why do home services companies need marketing and SEO?

In the digital era, few businesses can survive on word-of-mouth recommendations alone. The marketplace is too crowded and competitive, especially home services. Digital marketing and SEO strategies can help your business show up, stand out, and attract customers online. Because if you don’t, your competitors will.

How is success measured for home services marketing and SEO?

Maybe this should be question number ONE! At the outset of our engagement, we’ll work with you to identify specific KPIs that we’ll measure, track, and report on throughout each quarter or campaign. These might include things like website traffic, keyword rankings, lead generation, and conversion rate. However, we’ll also keep tabs on, for example, the cost of advertising to make sure your campaigns are well-optimized to fetch the most bang for your investment.

How much does home services marketing and SEO cost?

The short answer is: it depends on the scope and duration of your specific marketing needs. However, at Cardinal we insist on pricing transparency and regular, upfront reporting on how things are going. From start to finish, you’ll know exactly where you stand and the dollar cost of our services.

Our website hasn’t been updated in ages—can you help?

Yes! Our web design specialists, content people, and developers are like website doctors. They’ll give your website the overhaul it needs, both in terms of look and feel, as well as all the technical stuff going on under the hood. Your level of involvement in actual web development is entirely up to you! Our team will work with you to ensure that there are no conflicts or major interruptions in availability. Not only will your website represent your business well and engage visitors, but it will be well optimized to attract attention on search engines and other digital channels.

How long will it take to see results?

Another common question with a similar answer: it depends. We can tell you that any marketing and SEO agency that promises cheap, fast results is likely misleading you. Cardinal builds marketing and SEO strategies designed to sustain your digital presence well into the future.

As such, it does take a few solid months of planning, building, and testing to establish a steady pattern of success across all your channels. We ask that you sign an initial three-month contract to set a plan in motion. After we’ve established a reliable strategy, we can work out the terms of our contract on a month-to-month or annual basis.

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