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Your Blueprint for Measuring SEO Performance Across Multiple Locations

When evaluating SEO performance, multi-location brands face a number of common challenges. In this blog post, we explore these challenges, while laying out a three-step approach to bring disparate data sources together across different brands and regions.

Performance Branding for Healthcare: A Breakthrough Strategy to Increase Patient Volume

If it feels like your Google Ads performance is fully optimized, learn how performance branding can help you expand market share and increase patient volume.

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Scaling SEO for Multi-Local Healthcare

With expansion and growth comes questions of scalability. Without the right multi-local SEO strategy, growth will stall. So, I asked my SEO team to weigh in.

The Post-Funding Marketing Roadmap

The funding came through and pressure is on! Here are the post-funding marketing activities to focus on to meet new business goals and scale growth.

How Digital Due Diligence Helps DSOs Reduce Risk

For private equity firms, digital due diligence can be a gamechanger. The question is, when is it the right time for an audit? And what information do you need to look for? More importantly, how do a company’s digital strategy and maturity impact its valuation? In this article, we’ll help you answer those questions.

5 Marketing Best Practices for DSO Acquisitions

Failing to conduct digital due diligence or planning a post-acquisition marketing strategy can be risky for your DSO. Here are five marketing best practices we recommend to ensure successful mergers and acquisitions.

3 Ways to Boost Patient Volume in 2022

What will be the most effective ways to attract new patients this year? What follows is a closer look at three essential components to incorporate in your patient acquisition strategy.

3 Digital Marketing Risks Private Equity Groups Should Watch

Failing to conduct digital due diligence can lead to improper valuations and hurt future returns. Here are the top three digital marketing risks to watch when evaluating an investment.

How the Digital Dental Transformation Can Grow Your Patient Pipeline

The wave of digital transformation has yet to reach the crest. It’s more than just a trend—it’s fundamentally changing the dental industry in profound ways. In this blog post, we explore the different ways that dental practices can leverage digital investments to attract more patients.

How to Develop the Right Healthcare Paid Media Mix

In your quest to find the holy grail of digital advertising strategies, you’re likely looking for something that’s not only effective at driving revenue but cost-efficient.

5 Core Pillars of PPC Strategies that Win New Patients

As media algorithms evolve and become more sophisticated, so must your advertising strategies. Here are our top five best practices for building a paid search strategy that efficiently increases patient volume.

What the Consumerization of Healthcare Means for Private Equity

Learn more about the rapid consumerization of healthcare and how private equity groups can focus investments to adapt.

If You Want to Grow, You Need a Full-Funnel Marketing Strategy

Healthcare marketers are an adaptable group. They have to be, given how rapidly the landscape seems to change. From technological breakthroughs to global health crises, the way we reach patients across channels is evolving. And that evolution is reshaping the marketing funnel as we know it.

How 3 Senior Care Organizations Grow with Digital Marketing

The senior care space is poised for a massive resurgence. See exactly how we helped three leading senior care groups build growth-oriented digital marketing strategies.

Two Marketing Strategies that Set the Stage for Long-Term Value Creation

The debate around so-called short-termism rages on. In this blog post, we explore some pros and cons of short-term value-creation, while exploring two key marketing tactics that private equity terms should focus on to drive long-term value creation.

The Future of Teledentistry and How to Make Sure You’re Ready

Dentists are busy people. Their schedules must be tightly managed to balance current patients versus new ones. Today those schedules are filled with people who have more choice than ever—both in which dental practices they patronize and how they receive care.

How to Align SEO and CRO for Healthcare Marketing

It’s not uncommon for the interests of search engine optimization (SEO) and conversion rate optimization (CRO) professionals to clash. In this post, we explore some opportunities for better alignment, including input and examples from our very own team.

How to Select an Agency for Your Senior Care Organization

The senior care space is saturated, as is the market for senior care marketing agencies. To that end, we’ve prepared a brief guide for selecting the right agency for your senior care organization. Use these best practices to evaluate the agencies knocking on your door.

5 De Novo Marketing Strategies to Build Demand Immediately

Straight from our work with de novo offices, here are five vital marketing strategies to make de novo offices profitable from day one.

Podcast Ep. 40 – The Marriage Between AI and Digital Advertising

In the past five years, there has been tremendous growth in the world of digital advertising. Machine learning and algorithms continuously improve to help digital advertisers reach and engage the right audience. The key is finding the perfect balance between artificial intelligence and marketers’ ingenuity. They each have their unique strengths and role in developing effective digital advertising campaigns.

Why Digital Marketing Takes Time

It’s only natural to want fast results from your marketing spend. The reality is that it takes time to see consistent results from most digital marketing strategies. Here are a few excellent reasons why from the people who conduct performance reporting each and every day.

The 4-Step De Novo Marketing Strategy for DSOs

So you’ve got a de novo office you have to quickly ramp up. What are the initial steps needed to stand up your marketing strategy? Here’s our proven four-step framework for generating appointments before the new office even opens.

Podcast Ep. 39 – Your Top SEO Questions, Answered

Have you found yourself stuck with an SEO problem and have no one to turn to? Well, you’re not alone! We asked healthcare marketers far and wide if they had one question about SEO, what would it be? We then gathered those questions and posed them to Cardinal’s SEO experts in this episode of Ignite!

Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

Each year, our team of marketing geeks puts their heads together to identify the top digital marketing trends for the coming year. The theme this year is data, machines, and the prevailing power of human ingenuity. As you plan for 2022, here’s what these trends might mean for you.

Is Your DSO Making These Digital Marketing Mistakes?

If you’re wondering why your DSO digital marketing strategy isn’t delivering results, you might be making some avoidable mistakes. Here are the three most common digital marketing mistakes we see DSOs make, sourced from our direct experience working with DSOs.

Top Google Ads & PPC Trends for 2022

How will new data privacy guidelines, machine learning advancements, and other important trends affect Google Ads in 2022? In this blog post, we detail eight trends to keep an eye on as you plan your paid search strategies for the coming year.

Reporting Digital Marketing Performance to the C-Suite

In the private equity (PE) world especially, marketers are regularly asked to prove their worth. In this blog post, I explore some of the ways that CMOs, Marketing VPs, and other marketing professionals can improve how they report on marketing performance to their CEO or board of directors.

Is Your Digital Marketing Agency Underperforming? 5 Things to Look At

Whether your team already uses a digital marketing agency or you’re thinking about bringing one in to help shoulder the load, there are a few questions you need to ask to measure effectiveness and evaluate performance (ahem, ROI) objectively.

Podcast Ep. 38 – How to Create Ads That Don’t Suck

If you are a digital advertiser, you know how important ad creative is to the performance of your campaigns. When managing your ad creative you must juggle different headlines, images, text, and CTA options for different placements, across different devices. But great ad creative doesn’t start there. It starts by understanding the patient journey, their motivations and challenges, and providing real value through your offering.

2022 Senior Care Marketing Trends to Watch

Each year, we take an in-depth look at the most important digital marketing trends for the senior care industry. How is senior care marketing changing? What digital marketing strategies are most effective at reaching the senior population and their families? To engage prospects and keep pace with your competitors, read this blog post.

Lift Portfolio Value with the Right Digital Marketing Structure & Team

There’s much to consider when building an effective marketing function for your portfolio companies. Do you build the in-house team or engage an agency? What are the pros and cons of each? More importantly, how do you prioritize resources to maximize marketing spend and value creation?

Healthcare Annual Planning: Time for a Digital Makeover?

The new year is nearly here. It’s time for healthcare organizations to hammer down their marketing strategies for 2022. This coming year, your shortcoming might cost you, so use this blog post as your roadmap for strengthening your digital marketing strategy.

How to Improve Lead Quality for Healthcare Organizations

Every lead is not a good lead, especially in the healthcare vertical. If you’re looking to fill your patient pipeline with higher-quality patient leads—leads that bring the most value and are easier to convert—here’s our guide to evaluating and improving lead quality.

Top Data Decisioning Tools for Healthcare Private Equity

One of the most effective ways to create value in portfolio companies is to put in place the right tools and technologies. By finding and syncing the right data solutions for the following high-level categories (SEO, call tracking, etc.), healthcare private equity firms can better assess and create value.

DSO Marketing Strategies for Patients & Affiliates

There’s a lot that goes into reaching, engaging, and converting new patients and affiliates. The trick is finding the value your DSO brings to each audience and using it to design your start-to-finish marketing funnel. Read on for marketing strategies that will help you manage both programs efficiently.

7 Essential Principles for Optimizing Your Website for Search

In 2021, a consistent trend we’ve seen is healthcare organizations investing in their digital presence. Not surprisingly, a new or updated website is usually a top priority. It’s your hub, welcome mat, traffic generator, and more. What we tell clients is that design and fancy functionality are just part of the puzzle. It’s not enough to have a good-looking website.

Podcast Ep. 37 – 5 Keys to Effective Paid Search Strategies That Generate More Patients

Healthcare organizations need to move their paid search campaigns from an efficiency-based optimization strategy to an effectiveness-based optimization strategy.

Webinar: How LifeStance Health Grew to 500+ Locations

See how a 500+ location mental health provider is growing through innovative digital marketing strategies.

Is Your Digital Due Diligence Deep Enough?

The way a private equity firm goes about digital due diligence can make or break an investment. These days, cutting corners or “automating” digital due diligence or, worse, just exporting a few basic reports won’t cut it. You need to go deeper, and we’ll show you how.

DSO Annual Planning: Is it Time for a Digital Makeover?

The new year is just around the corner, and it’s time for DSOs to think about their marketing strategies. In 2022, your areas of weakness might cost you. So consider this your roadmap for strengthening your digital marketing strategy by making the right investments, optimizations, and hard decisions.

Podcast Ep. 36 – HIPAA Compliant Marketing with First Party Data

What if cookies go away? With iOS updates, platform changes, and privacy concerns plaguing advertisers; healthcare marketers must seek alternate tactics to collect data. That’s where first party data comes in.

Top SEO Trends to Watch in 2022

It is that time of year again when we forecast the search engine optimization (SEO) trends that will make a difference in digital marketing in 2022. Join Cardinal Digital Marketing as our industry experts read the cards and analyze where search is now and where it’s headed to stay a leap ahead of the competition.

How PE Advisory Boards and In-House Marketing Teams Can Work Together to Create Value

All of a sudden, private equity advisory boards and in-house marketing teams find themselves needing to work together. In this blog post, I explore the trends in healthcare private equity creating this unlikely alliance. And I’ll show you some of the important ways that private equity and in-house marketing teams can work together to create value fast.

How to Make Closed-Loop Reporting Work in Healthcare Marketing

Before you launch a new ad campaign or cut your email newsletter, you need to understand which marketing activities are actually generating leads and revenue. The secret to understanding marketing’s impact? Closed-loop reporting.

How to Differentiate Your DSO with the Right USP

A very wise person once said it’s not what you know, but what you can prove. A similar reality faces brands competing for patients in the DSO vertical. Except here, the saying is more like: it’s not what dental products or services you provide, but the “special sauce” that makes you different from every other DSOs doing the very same thing.

Podcast Ep. 35 – How to Balance UX & SEO in Website Design

It’s no secret, there is an ongoing battle between SEO and website user experience (UX), as each discipline considers its own priorities when it comes to web design. After all, you want your site to be full of content and keywords to help search engines find you, but you also want your site to be easy to navigate and to convert visitors to patients. Is there a happy medium? Is there a way to balance these two marketing disciplines? The answer is YES.

Complete Guide to Digital Marketing for Senior Care

I was recently asked by a marketer at a senior care provider (and prospective client) if they need PPC advertising. My answer was an emphatic yes. In some form or another, PPC can be a critical part of your broader digital marketing strategy and help you capture demand and build your lead pipeline.

Top Facebook Advertising Trends for 2022

Each year around this time, we take an in-depth look at how Facebook advertising is changing. What do marketers across industries need to prepare for? What can they do to maintain their competitive edge? Perhaps most importantly, how can organizations make sure their Facebook ad spend is worth it in the face of increasing data restrictions?

Podcast Ep. 34 – How Top-Performing Websites Drive Conversions

Want more conversions from your website? You might have implemented some of the best practices like fast page speed, a clear path for visitors, and a mobile experience. But for top-converting websites, these best practices only scratch the surface.

Healthcare Marketing in the Era of Cookieless Browsing

It’s okay; I do it too. Anytime I talk about cookies in the context of marketing, I picture a big delicious chocolate chip cookie. It’s only natural. Of course, cookies, the marketing kind, have traditionally served a far different purpose. Take it from IBM Watson Advertising, which provides a tidy definition of what cookies are:

Guide to PPC Best Practices for Senior Care

I was recently asked by a marketer at a senior care provider (and prospective client) if they need PPC advertising. My answer was an emphatic yes. In some form or another, PPC can be a critical part of your broader digital marketing strategy and help you capture demand and build your lead pipeline.

Webinar: How to Scale Growth – A Conversation With The Largest Orthodontic DSO

Learn how a 250+ location ortho-focused dental support organization (OSO) is growing through innovative digital marketing strategies rooted in data.

Guide to SEO Best Practices for Senior Care

Let’s put things into context. The senior care vertical is poised to explode in the coming years. More than eight million seniors receive care from some kind of senior care service (nursing home, residential, etc.) annually. Research from the Urban Institute indicates that the number of Americans aged 65 years and older will double over the next two decades.

Podcast Ep. 33 – 6 SEO Principles That Make It Easy for Healthcare Consumers to Find You

It’s no secret – you need to be ranking highly on Google to make sure healthcare consumers can find you. But you also need to have a solid website that is built to support search engine optimization (SEO). Here are the 6 principles to follow for creating your dream website, the best technologies to use for building your website with SEO in mind, and how UX can impact your website’s performance.

3 Ways a Digital Marketing Agency Can Get You to Value Faster

For private-equity-backed businesses, fast and scalable growth is the name of the game. While digital marketing plays a crucial role in these growth-oriented environments, which model—in-house marketing vs. hiring an agency—gets private-equity-backed businesses to value most efficiently?

DSO Marketing: Reporting Results Across Multiple Brands & Locations

Dental support organizations (DSOs) face some unique challenges to efficient reporting. In this blog post, I provide practicable ideas for reporting campaign results across multiple brands and locations. Plus, I give you my take on why you should consolidate campaigns and data (and how)

Podcast Ep. 32 – How to Get Patients To Your Door: Developing Your Healthcare Offer

What do your patients care about? That is the first thing you need to think of when developing an offer for your healthcare organization. Once you’ve narrowed that down, you can then start building out your unique offering(s).

Podcast Ep. 31 – Upcoming Healthcare Marketing Trends 2022

Can you believe the year is almost through? It’s true, and it’s time to start planning for 2022. Your competitors certainly are. As we look to 2022 and beyond, here are the digital marketing trends we’re keeping an eye on.

3 Strategies to Improve Patient Retention

You’ve invested more dollars into your marketing strategy. Your digital marketing channels are bringing patients through the door at a steady clip. And yet patient retention remains a struggle. You’re not alone. By some estimates, patients churn at about a 48 percent rate.

Podcast Ep. 30 – Top Challenges Healthcare Marketers Faced in 2021

Marketing for healthcare organizations and medical practices presents a set of challenges unlike any other industry. A thorough understanding of how to overcome these hurdles is required for success in healthcare marketing. Here’s how the iOS14 update affected healthcare marketers and Facebook Ads; the hiccups high-growth healthcare organizations face while factoring in local-level needs; and why you should use healthcare marketing best practices to scale your business to new heights in 2022.

Shining a Light on Your Dentists: DSO Marketing That Patients Love

In marketing, there’s a difference between modesty and missed opportunities. Your DSO might have a very mature marketing operation. Your teams might be well-versed in traditional DSO marketing practices. You might read our Complete Guide to Digital Marketing for DSOs and say, Yup—been there, done that. SEO, digital advertising, and analytics?

Digital Marketing’s Role in Value Creation

To distinguish your private equity (PE) firm as a leader in value creation, you need to be consistent in three core areas: risk mitigation, revenue growth, and cost control. The question is, what can you do from a strategic marketing perspective to support these pillars of value creation? That’s the topic of our latest blog post.

How to Measure Healthcare Marketing Performance

Aside from the whole ten years in medical school thing, healthcare marketers and physicians aren’t entirely different. In medicine, practitioners use certain indicators to measure the success of a given treatment, medication, surgery, and so on. When treating high cholesterol, for example, a physician will likely run regular lipid panels to monitor any changes up or down.

Podcast Ep. 29 – Healthcare Marketing Trends Continuing in 2022

The end of 2021 is approaching quickly, and we are entering that time of year where healthcare organizations start planning Q1. What should healthcare marketers continue to implement in 2022, what marketing practices should they adopt, and what should they leave in 2021?

Top 5 Dental Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022

Dental support organizations (DSOs) have historically been ahead of the healthcare industry in terms of technology adoption. To keep the lead in the coming year, dental marketers will need to tackle some of the biggest challenges that DSOs will face in 2022, as well as invest in the right strategies and technologies.

Podcast Ep. 28 – Personalization in Healthcare Marketing

How can a private equity firm get the most from a multi-location healthcare acquisition? Find and take advantage of efficiencies, restructure the website to support multiple locations, and do so while following SEO best practices. Here’s why and when you should merge websites, how to develop a migration plan, and the best practices a high-growth healthcare organization can implement during their migration process.

Healthcare Marketing in the Age of Consumerism

Consumerization is just a fancy word for people shaping the market, as opposed to the other way around. In the context of healthcare, consumerization manifests itself in myriad ways.

How to Build Data-Driven Marketing that Creates Portfolio Value

Nobody is particularly interested in portfolio companies with data problems. However, without reliable operational and financial data, it can be quite challenging to manage the performance of portfolio companies, make investment decisions, or create value post-acquisition. This article provides some best practices for building a data-driven marketing operation to drive serious growth.

10 Healthcare Marketing Trends for 2022

If we’re sure of anything, it’s that healthcare marketing will continue changing. Who could have predicted the COVID-19 pandemic or 3D organ printing in space? Both happened, and while the organ printing thing is TBD, the pandemic has changed things significantly.

Podcast Ep. 27 – SEO Best Practices for Merging Websites

How can a private equity firm get the most from a multi-location healthcare acquisition? Find and take advantage of efficiencies, restructure the website to support multiple locations, and do so while following SEO best practices. Here’s why and when you should merge websites, how to develop a migration plan, and the best practices a high-growth healthcare organization can implement during their migration process.

How a Better Digital Experience Can Help Grow Your DSO Patient Pipeline

As a consumer, there’s nothing more frustrating than wanting to patronize a business but being prevented from doing so. You’re upgrading your phone online, and the cart experience turns into a Rubik’s cube. Or the page times out with a “There’s been a problem” error after you try to purchase concert tickets online. Even finding contact information can be challenging on some websites. If it’s me in those situations, my next step is to bail—I move onto another vendor, or I abandon the purchase decision altogether.

Should Your Healthcare Organization Invest in Facebook Ads?

For a social media platform with nearly two billion daily users, there’s sure to be a lot of hype. This is especially true for digital advertising. The thought of placing ads in front of an audience as large and engaged as Facebook’s makes most marketer’s eyes light up. We understand the sentiment! As a digital marketing agency, we help a lot of different healthcare organizations use Facebook Advertising to drive serious results.

Webinar: Boost Conversion Rates by Optimizing Your Digital User Experience

Do you have clicks and traffic but are struggling to book patient appointments? The problem could be your website or landing page. Minor annoyances or confusing features can deter users from taking action. To increase conversion rates, you need to examine your user experience and remove all barriers that might prevent patients from booking an appointment.

Podcast Ep. 26 – How to Build The Perfect Healthcare Marketing Team

Too often, healthcare organizations waste time and money on the wrong digital marketing strategies. They focus on the wrong channels, use outdated best practices, neglect to test, or chase the latest hyped-up marketing strategy. Here are the top three mistakes healthcare marketers commonly make—over-segmenting their Google Ads account, investing too much in organic social, and halting their SEO investment—and how to avoid making them again.

How to Build Data-Driven Marketing for Your DSO

By definition, a dental support organization (DSO) is meant to help member practices serve patients better. That means reduced administrative burdens and improved standards of care. It also means finding greater insights into where to focus time and resources.

Webinar: SEO Audit on the 3 Pillars of Successful SEO Strategies

The first place healthcare consumers go to find a provider is Google. Having an SEO strategy is no longer optional if you want to grow your healthcare organization. Get our three-part SEO framework and watch several audits of real-world healthcare sites.

How Much Does Digital Marketing Cost?

How much do you have to invest in digital marketing to get results? Is digital marketing even worth it? These are important questions to ask if your business is considering implementing a digital marketing campaign. We’ll answer these questions in a bit.

Podcast Ep. 25 – Top 3 Marketing Mistakes Healthcare Organizations Make

Too often, healthcare organizations waste time and money on the wrong digital marketing strategies. They focus on the wrong channels, use outdated best practices, neglect to test, or chase the latest hyped-up marketing strategy. Here are the top three mistakes healthcare marketers commonly make—over-segmenting their Google Ads account, investing too much in organic social, and halting their SEO investment—and how to avoid making them again.

10 Dental Marketing Strategies You Can Implement Right Now

Consistent new patient acquisition is essential for dental practices. According to a report by Aldrich Advisors, every dentist needs at least 20 new patients monthly to achieve business growth and success. The question is, where are dental practices supposed to find those new patients? Start by investing more in digital marketing.

5 Best Practices for Centralizing Marketing Post-Merger

So, you’re merging new acquisitions, and you need to integrate and centralize marketing functions. Sounds like fun! Well, maybe not fun. But you’re wise to centralize marketing after a merger. Today, centralization is a must in the private equity world. Not only does it ensure brand consistency with standardized policies/procedures, but it also enables greater marketing efficiency and cost reductions.

How to Define Your USP and Improve Your Healthcare Marketing

When I was growing up, we had a family orthodontist that I’ll never forget. Well, I’ll never forget his office. The place was made for kids, replete with neat-o games, books, toys, and even a Sega Genesis. I think this might have been the only orthodontist that kids actually wanted to go to. Ever. That experience set his office apart, and it made it quite easy for my parents to refer his office to other families.

How DSOs Can Build Better Practice-Patient Relationships

For all of the flak, jokes, and jitters targeted at dentists, most people feel a pretty close relationship with their provider. After all, you trust this person to dig around in your mouth—to stick needles and blades in there, make changes, even perform surgery. Some people have been going to the same dentist since their childhood.

Podcast Ep. 24 – Building Your Patient Pipeline Beyond Referrals

The pandemic disrupted the hospital and doctor referral pipeline, and a once steady pipeline of referrals dried up. While referrals have resumed, the pandemic revealed the vulnerability of relying on one patient source. Our hosts discuss how defining your USP, diversifying your marketing strategy, and exploring other digital marketing channels can replace your referral pipeline so your healthcare organization will never be left in that situation again.

Top 9 Benefits of Digital Marketing

Research by Pew Research Center shows that in the last three years, internet usage by adults has increased by at least 5%. Now, more than ever, businesses are tapping into the opportunities the digital world offers. In other words, online marketing plays a very big role in shopping decisions people make.

Complete Guide to Digital Marketing for DSOs

For DSOs, it can be a challenge to achieve a balance between patient acquisition and patient experience. We’ve written a bit about marketing’s role at each step of the patient experience; suffice it to say, the two should not be mutually exclusive. For the purposes of this article, I’m going to focus more closely on patient acquisition.

Podcast Ep. 23 – How to Create Transformative Patient Experiences

In fiercely competitive healthcare markets, your patient experience can differentiate you from other providers. Healthcare consumers expect the same level of convenience and service they find in other aspects of their lives. If it’s difficult to schedule an appointment, your website is outdated and cumbersome to use, or if your customer service lacks, they’ll go back to Google to find a provider that delivers the experience they demand.

How Marketing Centralization Helps DSOs Accelerate Growth

You’ll find a lot of people talking about centralization within dental support organizations (DSOs) circles. Typically, it’s consistency that DSOs are after. After acquiring new practices or completing a merger, there’s plenty of incentive to centralize administrative and operational functions like practice management software, call centers, billing and accounting, and so on.

How Long Does it Take To See SEO Results?

The web was a simpler business ten and twenty years ago. That’s a refrain frequently heard in search engine optimization (SEO) circles. It was easier to get a website to rank in the early 2000s because there were far fewer businesses on the web, hence less competition. Even ten years ago, it was easier to get a high ranking than now because SEO was not quite the refined process, and it was easy to stumble into top ranking from sheer luck. People knew Google brought traffic in 2010, but attracting search engine favor was not yet down to a science.

7 Ways Digital Marketing Can Improve The Patient Experience

These days, much of the patient experience begins and ends online. This is especially true in light of the ways digital healthcare has evolved, including online appointment scheduling, patient portals, and telehealth. As a result, patients expect low-friction digital experiences across the board. Moreover, patients consider digital channels as essential parts of their healthcare decision-making processes.

Podcast Ep. 22 – The CRO Process

If you’re generating a steady flow of website traffic, but your lead volume is low, your website experience might be to blame. Healthcare consumers have high expectations and will quickly bounce if they don’t find what they need. If you want to improve your conversion rates and generate more leads, you should consider conversion rate optimization (CRO). By aligning your user’s goals with your website experience, you can remove barriers preventing them from taking action.

How to Use Marketing Personalization While Protecting Patient Privacy

There’s a simple reason that personalization is such a huge trend in healthcare marketing: it’s a win-win. On the one hand, consumers in the healthcare space and beyond want personalized experiences. They want to see tailored content. They want to be addressed by their first name. In its 2020 ​​Trends in Personalization report, Salesforce found that 92 percent of marketers state that their customers and prospects expect a personalized experience (up from 85 percent last year).

How Much Do Google Ads Cost? A Quick Google Ads Pricing Guide

One of the most common questions that clients ask here at Cardinal is: how much do Google Ads cost? This is a fair question especially when many businesses these days invest in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. On average, businesses make $3 in revenue for every $1.60 they spend on PPC ads.

Podcast Ep. 21 – Build a Foundation for Better Marketing Measurement

As a healthcare marketer, how do you measure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign? In website traffic, clicks, or direct sales? While digital platforms make it easier to track engagement and conversions, determining marketing ROI can be difficult if you don’t have a plan.

Scalable SEO Web Design for High-Growth Multi-Location Brands

Summary: At some point, private equity firms come to the realization that a business’s website is central to its growth and scalability. So, how can you tell if the website can handle growth? Will your website structure support the addition of new brands? What about multi-brand SEO strategy and technical best practices? To answer those [...]

Why These 5 Parts of Digital Due Diligence Are Essential To Proper Valuations

If you’re not conducting digital due diligence as part of your acquisition strategy, you’re exposing yourself to additional risk. We live in a digital world, where having the proper technological infrastructure and digital presence is no longer optional. Yes, the expanding digital economy creates a lot of opportunities for rapid growth. But a company’s digital maturity can also be a liability.

Podcast Ep. 20 – How Link Building Can Help You Claim Page One Ranking

Why does link building matter for your healthcare organization? You don’t just need patients to find you; you need Google to find you and source you as a credible, trustworthy, and authoritative site. Here are a few strategies and tactics healthcare marketers can use to develop their link building portfolio, boost their rankings, and increase their visibility on Google.

How Consumer Behavior is Shaping SEO for Healthcare

Both the Google algorithm and how people search are evolving, sometimes in lockstep. In the past, Google trained us to search using specific formulas, especially in healthcare. You might have better success searching for “back pain relief” versus “how do I make my back stop hurting?” The onus was often on the person searching to unlock the right search results with just the right keyword.

How DSOs Can Build Demand Through Better Patient Experiences

Most people avoid the dentist if they can, a stigma made worse by the emergence of COVID-19. It’s no slight to dentists, of course. In the end, who really wants to be poked, prodded, or numbed? Then there’s the shame that comes with having bright lights shown on chompers that haven’t been flossed in months.

Podcast Ep. 19 – Why Being The Best Isn’t Enough: Finding Your USP

Defining your unique selling proposition (USP) is the first step in determining what makes you different and why patients should choose to visit your practice. If you can’t identify your USP, you’ll have a hard time convincing patients to visit your practice instead of your competitors.

Private Equity Digital Marketing Playbook for High-Growth Multi-Location Businesses

When faced with lofty revenue goals for a new multi-location business, you need a repeatable digital marketing framework: one that is scalable, as well as time- and cost-efficient. Anything less introduces inefficiencies across your locations that will bog down growth and disappoint investors.

5 Digital Marketing Technologies to Rapidly Scale Growth

Working in a high-growth environment is a bit of a whirlwind, isn’t it? To keep pace with competition and grow at speed, private-equity firms must constantly look for ways to gain an edge. Today, you might be looking for operational efficiency gains and reduced headcount. Tomorrow, you might need to make a critical business investment based on your latest marketing ROI data.

How DSOs Can Build Stronger Relationships with Members

Getting dental practices to collaborate and work together can be challenging. Many DSOs have shared with us their frustrations around uncooperative or unresponsive doctors. “Why won’t they implement our recommendations or use the technology we’ve invested in?” they’ll ask. As it turns out, many DSOs struggle to facilitate communication and get everyone on the same page.

Podcast Ep. 18 – AI and The Future of Digital Advertising

To improve campaign performance, Google’s algorithmic strategist developed Smart Bidding. It uses machine learning to analyze millions of signals to predict which auction will lead to better conversion rates. With that insight, it can set the right bid for the auction and help you get more from your marketing budget. While Smart Bidding has been around for several years, many advertisers have resisted adoption. But we believe Smart Bidding is the future of digital advertising.

Podcast Ep. 17 – How to Create a Marketing Agency RFP

Why are you sending a request for proposal (RFP) to a marketing agency? Your healthcare organization is probably looking for a quality partner to enhance your strategy and help you get patients the care they need. Here’s how to create a solid RFP, what research you should do before looking for a partner, how an agency can detect a genuine RFP, and how to find an amazing marketing agency that fits your needs.

Marketing Higher Ed to Parents

Who is the biggest influence in a child’s life? Obviously, it’s mom and dad, even though other influences are present as well. In marketing higher education, we focus so much of our efforts on reaching out to prospective students with our messaging. But what about talking to their parents? Let’s examine this angle of higher ed marketing.

How 3 Private Equity-Backed Healthcare Groups are Scaling Growth

The pace of consolidation continues to quicken across the healthcare industry. By most estimates, hospital mergers and acquisitions will remain robust through the end of 2021 (at least). Unsurprisingly, the private equity firms involved in these deals will need to rapidly incorporate and ramp up their new acquisitions and businesses.

4 Marketing Strategy Examples That Delivered Results

Even though we’re not always aware of it, digital marketing plays a significant role in our purchasing decisions. We might go through life muting YouTube ads and barely glancing at promoted tweets, yet that subconscious impression is still there. It resurfaces when we get ready to research solutions or products and make a purchase decision. The more aware of a brand you are, the more likely you are to buy it. It works even if you know the tricks. In this article, we’re going to take a look under the hood to see how four companies accelerated growth using digital marketing.

Podcast Ep. 16 – Google I/O – Conversational Search

At the Google I/O Developer Conference in May 2021, they released two new conversation technologies: LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) and MUM ((Multitask Unified Model). They promise to change the way people search and improve search results for long-tail queries that Google hasn’t seen before.

Podcast Ep. 15 – Facebook Ads: Take Your Social Strategy to the Next Level

If you want to maximize your healthcare organization’s reach, build brand awareness, and nurture prospects until they’re ready to visit your office, then you need to consider Facebook advertising.

Google I/O Developer Conference 2021: The Future of Conversational Search

The big picture for Google search is that it wants to understand and respond adequately to natural, normal, everyday human conversation. Google doesn’t want users to have to type in specific queries with carefully-chosen keywords. Google wants you to be able to ask it anything the way you’d ask any person standing next to you. It wants to be human-like as possible. Google often states their Search mission statement as “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible.”

10 Inspiring Higher Ed Facebook Ad Campaigns

Nobody has to tell you that the higher ed marketing scene is competitive right now. Enrollment numbers are down, and schools are vying for prospective student’s attention. It’s most competitive on Facebook, where it seems every campus and its janitor closet is advertising there. Facebook is the number one market for building brand awareness through repeated exposure because so many of us burn so much time there. For the higher education market, it’s a place to nurture prospective students into potential leads and engage those who show interest.

5 Communication Best Practices That Build Patient Loyalty

Patient loyalty is top-of-mind for many healthcare providers. And for a good reason: according to a patient loyalty report from NRC health, the dollar value of a lifetime patient can reach $1.4 million. Beyond the dollar signs, continuity of care and better healthcare outcomes are more likely for patients who come back for follow-ups, check-ups, and post-op consultations.

7 Proven Tips to Improve Facebook Ads for Plastic Surgery

The decision to get plastic surgery usually takes some time. Prospective patients need to be nurtured—they need to see services, pricing, and reputation that align with the kind of results they’re looking for. And one of the best ways to reach and nurture prospective clients is through Facebook.

Podcast Ep. 14 – Top 3 Marketing Technologies Every Healthcare Organization Needs

For an industry that depends on the ability to reach people and provide care, healthcare still struggles to keep up with the latest digital marketing trends. Marketing technologies can help your healthcare organization elevate the patient experience and drive serious bottom-line results.

How to Uncover Patient Insights for Better Campaigns

Healthcare marketers don’t have a choice: monitoring performance metrics is crucial to success. The numbers matter! What marketers sometimes forget is that there’s also a person behind the metrics they care about most. Real people. Current and future patients. What those patients want, need, feel, get frustrated about—their surprises, disappointments, and desired outcomes—comprises a more qualitative aspect of healthcare marketing called patient insights.

10 Higher Education Marketing Strategies That Boost Enrollment

Declines in student enrollment at universities, colleges, and other tertiary institutions are putting pressure on higher education marketers to deliver growing enrollment numbers. To jump-start interest in their courses and degree programs, many academic institutions are focusing on restructuring and improving their digital marketing strategies.

Everything You Need to Know About SEO for Home Services

The home services industry is in a unique position regarding search engine optimization (SEO). It is dependent on Google almost exclusively, as the vast majority of home services like plumbing, HVAC, roofers, landscaping, etc., are local. Most people aren’t looking for a plumber in a neighboring state. According to BrightLocal’s 2019 report, 90% of consumers use Google to find local businesses, with a third saying they do this daily. Most of those users also browse online reviews for local businesses.

7 Tips for Improving Conversions and Driving More Appointments

The world of healthcare marketing moves fast. If you’re not getting the results you expected from digital marketing campaigns or failing to meet industry benchmarks, your conversion rates might be the culprit. That’s the work of conversion rate optimization (CRO): to evaluate campaigns and systematically improve conversion rates on key pages. The goal? To increase conversion volume, lower cost per acquisition (CPA), and increase the lead-to-sale ratio.

Podcast Ep. 13 – Back to Basics: Building Your Healthcare SEO Strategy

If healthcare organizations want to rank on the first page of Google, they need a solid SEO foundation. That means having a scalable, organized, and efficient website that supports your content strategy and a strong backlink portfolio that tells Google your website is reputable.

5 Marketing Technologies Every DSO Needs

Two trends are guiding group dentistry above most others: consolidation and resurgent demand. People are making dental care a priority again. Dental practices are retooling, restaffing, and looking to the future. Perhaps more than ever before, dental service organizations (DSOs) have an imperative to operate efficiently, improve performance, and build scalable marketing frameworks.

Podcast Ep. 12 – The Future of Telehealth: a Hybrid Approach

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way people receive care, and an unprecedented number of providers and patients have tried telehealth. As we adjust to post-pandemic life, many are questioning telehealth’s staying power. Will consumers continue to use virtual care?

How to Engage Patients with a Full-Funnel Facebook Ads Strategy

What if we told you that the equivalent of 23 percent of the world’s total population was active on Facebook every day? It’s an over-the-top number, but it’s true: Facebook has more than 1.79 billion daily active users (a number that’s increasing by ten percent annually). So when we tell our clients that Facebook advertising is an effective way to engage healthcare consumers, build brand awareness, and drive leads, we really mean it.

How to Communicate Vaccine Requirements to Students

These are strange times, and they keep getting stranger. A gaggle of politicians is moving to prevent universities from requiring returning students to provide proof of vaccination. This comes in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, which has claimed 3.2 million lives worldwide as of this writing. The numerous vaccines have begun distribution in stages, with those most at-risk receiving them first.

Podcast Ep. 11 – Intro to CRO: How Understanding Human Behavior Can Improve Conversion Rates

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is more than just design or analytics. It’s about understanding human behavior centered around motivation. As a healthcare marketer, you want to make it easy for a user to convert into a patient. By creating ads, landing pages, and content that appeals to people’s aspirations, you’ll be able to persuade them to take the actions you want. See how understanding human behavior can help you optimize conversion rates at your healthcare organization and increase patient acquisition.

How To Build Backlink SEO With Guest Posting

First of all, what is a backlink, and why do you want one? Google ranks sites in part by their popularity, indicated by the number of – and quality of – the websites linking to that site. This is the founding principle of PageRank, the Google algorithm which helped Google pull ahead of other search engines from the beginning. While Google engineers have played down the importance of PageRank in recent years, it’s still a strong signal.

What Traditional Universities Can Learn From Online Schools

We all have to face one sobering fact: We should have seen this coming. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic catalyzed bringing online schools to the foreground, that wave was a long time coming. EdSurge pegs the year at 2010 when the earliest Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) emerged. Internet-based educational options have ever since been growing to compete with traditional higher education institutions. COVID-19 just gave them a niche in history to propagate.

How to Create Stellar Location Pages for Your Medical Organization

In healthcare, the name of the game is reaching patients. Consistently and with purpose. In an increasingly noisy digital marketplace, Google is still the best place to start. Of the three principal ways you can do so—paid ads, reputation, and local search optimization (SEO)—local SEO has particular upside for healthcare marketers. And one of the first steps toward shoring up local SEO for each of your locations is with a strong location page.

Podcast Ep. 10 – Call Analytics: Listen to Your Patients to Improve Conversions

In the healthcare industry, inbound phone calls have always played a significant role in the patient’s journey. By tracking calls with a dynamic solution such as CallRail, you can not only improve your practice operationally, but you can also use data synced to Google Ads and Google Analytics to optimize your ad campaigns in real-time. Hear how healthcare marketers can use call analytics to get better marketing results, improve their business, and what to look for once they implement it.

5 Ways to Bring Your Campus Stories To Life

So we all know that higher ed institutions are more competitive than ever before, and they have to market aggressively to keep those enrollment numbers up. At the bottom line, you want to win more students to your school. But digital media is saturated by competing interests, including more than a few other schools and non-traditional academic venues, all fighting for the student audience’s attention.

7 Best Practices for Creating User-friendly Websites

What is a good user interface design? That question has been the subject of heated debate on many web design forums since there was a web. There are several subjective interpretations of a design idea, but we can cut through this confusion to focus on the objective best design. What makes the most sense to the most people? Web design is only 50% technology; the other half is human psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and a touch of sociology when you examine conventional standards we’ve all been trained to accept.

How to Get More from Your Online Reviews

Healthcare consumers care a heck of a lot about reviews. Going online to check out the Google reviews for a particular practice, for example, or directory ratings for a specific surgeon is now an essential component of the decision-making process.

Podcast Ep. 9 – How Consumer Search Behavior is Evolving

As search algorithms have become more sophisticated and able to provide better results, user behavior has evolved. Instead of searching with fragmented keywords, longer, more conversational queries are now the norm. CEO, Alex Membrillo and SEO Director, John McAlpin, discuss how user behavior and semantic search have evolved over this past year and how the pandemic has fueled more changes.

How to Create an RFP That Finds You the Ideal Marketing Agency

So, you want to hire an agency to help you launch your next big marketing thing. A flagship advertising campaign, maybe. Or a spiffy new website. Now, you already know how important your request for proposal (RFP) is, or else you probably wouldn’t be here. But take it from us: a rushed or boilerplate RFP can be like putting honey out to attract bees—you’ll just end up getting brown bears and carpenter ants.

2021 Dental Marketing Trends You Should Know

The coming year will present new challenges for dental marketing professionals. COVID-19 has created tremendous uncertainty, economic instability, and political volatility. Within the world of dentistry, where so much person-to-person contact is required to provide care, safety is top of mind for everyone involved.

Podcast Ep. 8 – Why You Can’t Neglect Your Digital Reputation

Your online reputation is too important to neglect. It influences patients’ perceptions of your brand and determines if they’ll choose your healthcare organization when conducting research online. Our hosts discuss the role online reviews play in the patient journey, how reviews impact local SEO, and the essential steps healthcare organizations need to take to build and protect their online reputation.

How 3 DSOs Are Accelerating Growth with Digital Advertising

There’s a new digital marketing paradigm that dental service organizations (DSOs) are finally realizing. Today, so much of the patient’s journey has moved online. If you’re not present, you’ll fail to build the kind of demand necessary to scale your dental organization.

7 Ways DSOs and Dental Groups Can Improve Facebook Ad Performance

As competition in the dental industry has increased, more dentists and DSOs have realized that investing in digital marketing is no longer an option. If you want to reach healthcare consumers, you need to go where they spend their time. One of the best ways to reach people online is through Facebook. The famed often embroiled social media platform enjoys more than 1.79 billion daily active users (a number that’s increasing 10%+ annually).

Podcast Ep. 7 – 2021 Google Ads Update: Say Goodbye to Broad Match Modifiers

In July, Google Ads will be rolling out a new update for its platform. They are taking away broad match modifiers and replacing them by expanding phrase match. By doing so, advertisers will be able to target a more-specific audience; their ads will match the intent a user is searching for. Listen as our hosts discuss the ins and outs of the Google Ads update and the reasons behind this new shift.

How to Create Effective Facebook Ad Campaigns for Your Rehab Center

To help people in the digital era, you need to be able to reach them online. One of the best ways to do so is through social media and, more specifically, Facebook. With its 2.7 billion monthly active users, Facebook is an absolute juggernaut. For addiction centers, this platform—and Facebook Ads, specifically—is a perfectly viable way to maximize your center’s reach, build brand awareness, and nurture prospects until they’re ready to seek help.

7 Tips to Get More Positive Reviews

Internet business being what it is, this instinct has created a demand for review services online. Sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, Foursquare, and the Better Business Bureau cater to our drive to rank and review everything. This means that in all likelihood, your business is being rated and discussed online anyway, even this very minute. Now how are you going to make sure that the good word about you gets out?

7 Marketing Strategies to Prevent Summer Melt and Keep Students Enrolled

We made it to the spring of 2021, and summer is just around the corner. We’ve all been through a lot, with the COVID-19 pandemic and its accompanying recession still casting a tall shadow over our futures. Even as vaccinations are finally coming through, some challenges remain in higher education and for young adults that may impact enrollment next year. At this time of year, a top concern for most academic institutions is summer melt: a syndrome where up to one-fifth of students don’t follow through on their college plans.

Podcast Ep. 6 – The State of Healthcare Marketing in 2021

In the past year, the healthcare industry has experienced tremendous uncertainty and economic instability. Many questions remain on what the future of healthcare looks like and how marketers can connect with healthcare consumers. Our hosts dig into the State of Healthcare Marketing in 2021 survey results and discuss the digital marketing strategies that will help healthcare organizations bounce back in 2021.

How to Select a Digital Marketing Agency for Your Healthcare Organization

Digital marketing agencies are like a box of chocolates. Only, you do have some control over what you get. It just takes a more complete understanding of the types of digital marketing agencies that are out there, how they work, and which is the best likely fit based on your specific needs. Take it from us: it’s not always a good fit, and that’s okay!

Webinar: How to Build a Positive Digital Reputation That Attracts More Patients

People take their healthcare needs seriously. Before making healthcare decisions, they go online to research their options, evaluate providers, and read reviews. Your online reputation influences their perception of your brand and determines if they’ll choose your healthcare organization. Your digital reputation is too important to neglect.

Ultimate SEO Guide for Colleges and Universities

Developing an SEO and content marketing strategy for a whole university is a considerable project. To make sure your effort isn’t wasted, you need to formulate a plan that best meets your goals. So what is a school’s goal in attracting search traffic to their website? On the surface, you might just say “to drive more enrollment,” but you can focus your campaign on subsets of that broad general goal.

Podcast Ep. 5 – Google Plans Big Moves in 2021. Are You Ready?

Google has big things planned for 2021. Several updates that have been postponed due to the pandemic are finally making their debut. Cardinal’s Director of SEO, John McAlpin, reviews Google’s mobile-first indexing and ranking shift and the upcoming Core Web Vitals update.

How Healthcare Organizations Can Prepare for the Core Web Vitals Update

Core Web Vitals establishes three metrics related to speed, responsiveness, and visual stability. These new metrics combine with existing page experience metrics, like HTTPS-security and safe browsing, and will become a new ranking signal called page experience. Google will use the page experience signal to determine whether or not a page is providing a good user experience. If it is, it’ll rank that page higher.

7 Marketing Technologies Every Healthcare Organization Needs

For an industry that depends on an ability to reach people and provide care, healthcare still struggles to keep up with the latest digital marketing trends. Data analytics, marketing tracking, and reporting are particularly lacking, due in part to three common challenges: Lack of funding and marketing budget, siloed departments and functions (especially in larger health systems), and need to protect and adhere to HIPAA.

Google Core Web Vitals: What to Know and How to Prepare

Since Google launched at the tail end of the 1990s, it has “grown up” side by side with the World Wide Web. Through the years, Google has adjusted its search engine service to better serve the needs of the web audience. This means that, as technology has developed through all the significant changes in the past two decades, Google has changed too.

Podcast Ep. 4 – How To Dominate Google With PPC + SEO

Smart marketers know it’s not SEO versus PPC; you need both. See how these two foundational tactics work together to increase brand awareness and your visibility on search.

Understanding the New World of Semantic Search

The concept of a search engine is now more than a couple of decades old, so it’s easy to forget that it’s still a pioneering field. Cutting-edge research is still ongoing, with many disrupting discoveries potentially over the horizon. Search engine marketing has become the cornerstone of global commerce when thirty years ago hardly anyone would have even been able to articulate the concept.

7 PPC Advertising Best Practices for DSOs and Dental Groups

Anybody who’s had a cavity or two knows just how important dental health really is. But that’s just the thing: people usually go to the dentist only when they need to (they have a toothache or a chipped molar) or they’re getting their annual cleaning. For the most part, it’s just not a high-consideration medical decision the way orthopedic surgery, addiction recovery, and even plastic surgery tend to be. You fit your dental appointment in when it’s most convenient to your life.

SEO vs PPC: How They Work Together to Increase Visibility and Enrollment

There are two schools of thought when it comes to search engine marketing: earned or paid. First, you have search engine optimization (SEO), where you create content hoping to earn an audience from organic Google searches. Then there’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising where you create an ad unit and buy space on the search engine results page (SERP), without having to claw your way to the top of the organic search queue. Both of these tactics aim to increase visibility on the SERP and attract searchers to your website.

Healthcare Marketing for a Mobile-First World

With all the buzz around the “mobile-first” experience, you might be wondering just how important mobile optimization is in healthcare marketing. Here’s the long and short of it: better mobile websites and overall digital experiences need to be an investment priority moving forward.

Podcast Ep. 3: Are Your Facebook Ad Campaigns Ready for iOS14?

The battle that has been brewing between Apple and Facebook is coming to a head and marketers need to prepare their digital advertising campaigns. As Apple’s iOS operating system upgrades to version 14, it is introducing privacy policies that will affect how Facebook handles ads.

5 Tips to Increase Page Speed and Get More Traffic

It fits that we get off to a speedy start in an article about your website’s speed. We all know that a responsive website is better to use than one that loads pages and elements at a snail’s pace. Since Google’s 2018 page speed update, how fast a web page loads has been a ranking factor for mobile search. Google is taking it a step further this year and will be launching Core Web Vitals in May 2021. This upcoming update will put even more emphasis on website performance for mobile.

Round Table: Digital Marketing Growth Strategies for 2021

The healthcare industry is experiencing fundamental shifts and more organizations are fueling growth through innovative digital strategies. Here’s how 3 healthcare marketing experts are using digital to attract and engage patients.

How to Drive Telehealth Adoption in the “Post-COVID” Era

Is COVID-19 over yet? We wish, but not quite. Though change is on the horizon, the pandemic lingers on. As does the demand for telehealth. Out of preference or necessity, many patients still prefer the telehealth option unless an in-person visit is absolutely necessary. Many people are not willing to go back to their primary care provider just yet. In other words, people are on the fence.

5 Ways Colleges Can Improve Facebook Ad Performance

The main thing to understand about Facebook marketing is that there is organic reach and then paid reach. “Organic” social media presence is the content you post to your page. Your organic reach is always limited to the number of users following you and Facebook’s algorithms. The average organic reach for a Facebook post is only 5.2% of the page’s total likes and can be lower for less active pages. If you have 1000 followers, that means only 50 people saw your latest post. Frustrating to say the least.

Podcast Ep. 2: The Rise of Digital In Healthcare Marketing

This episode of Ignite takes a look at the biggest changes that have occurred in healthcare marketing in the past year. Our hosts discuss how the pandemic has accelerated virtual care adoption, shifted marketing messaging, and pushed more healthcare organizations online as they try to recoup patient volume.

Survey: The State of Healthcare Marketing in 2021

No year passes without change, but 2020 was in many ways profound. Tumultuous, you might say, given all the new challenges that faced the healthcare industry. How patients seek and receive care underwent fundamental shifts, which extend directly to the world of marketing.

Webinar: Local SEO Strategy For Multi-Location Medical Practices

Dominate your local markets and rank higher in Google Maps when you implement these local SEO best practices for your multi-location medical practice.Hosted By:Alex Membrillo, CEO of Cardinal Digital Marketing Watch the Recording Quotes From the Webinar: “[Conversations] come from your location and your service pages. They don't come from your blog. Your blog is [...]

How to Develop an Effective SEO Strategy for Your Addiction Treatment Center

At first glance, marketing and addiction treatment centers might seem like strange bedfellows. A closer look at how people struggling with addiction seek help, however, reveals that marketing—and search engine optimization (SEO), more specifically—makes a lot of sense.

7 PPC Best Practices for Addiction Treatment Centers

For addiction treatment centers, this first page of Google search results is an opportunity to connect with people who need help in the area. From a marketing perspective, there are two primary ways to do so: SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements.

Podcast Ep. 1: Healthcare Marketing Insights From Cardinal’s Experts

Welcome to the new Ignite Digital Marketing Podcast. We’re bringing together Cardinal’s top healthcare marketing experts to share the high-level digital strategies and tactical advice that will help you reach more patients and grow your organization.

How to Build a Strong Digital Reputation for Your Rehab Center

Your digital reputation can permeate all the digital channels that people use to find you online. Just do a simple search for rehab centers in your city to see what we mean. Every search engine results page (SERP) and Google Maps experience includes reviews, star ratings, and so on.

Digital Reputation Management Strategy for Dental Groups

Understandably, people tend to scrutinize dental practices before pulling the trigger. How? They go online to read the latest reviews, for one. Generally speaking, nearly 60 percent of patients have decided against a healthcare provider based on negative online reviews. Overall, 34 percent of people consider online reputation to be an important part of their decision-making process.

3 Ways Colleges Can Enhance Their Marketing Strategy with User-Generated Content

How can your school show off its spirit, its culture, and the things that make it special? By letting the students do the talking! Learn more about the surprising power of user-generated content.

5 Ways to Increase Search Visibility

“What is the best way to appear at the top of Google search results?” That’s the question on every business’ mind, and the answer is not as simple as it once was. Google is constantly changing their algorithms and developing new features, and marketers need to adapt their search engine optimization (SEO) strategies if they want to be found.

How to Use SEO to Grow Your Plastic Surgery Practice

The beginning of the patient journey boils down to: a “prospect” picks up their smartphone and searches Google. What exactly do they search for? Maybe it’s a specific type of plastic surgery in their city—an “Atlanta tummy tuck,” for example. A “Pacific Beach breast reduction surgeon.” Or maybe they type in a longer-form query to get more in-depth information about a particular procedure they’re considering (“how long does breast augmentation recovery take?”).

Guide to Reputation Management for Plastic Surgeons

What does 2021 have in store for plastic surgeons? With elective surgeries still suspended in some states, and many patients opting to postpone elective surgeries due to coronavirus, it’s hard to say. What we do know is that the competitive landscape is likely to remain white-hot.

3 Ways to Ensure Your Website Supports Your SEO Strategy

We spend a lot of time talking about the “what” of SEO, as in what content to write about or keywords to use, but this time we’re going to talk about “how,” as in “how that content is presented.” Think of it like baking a cake: yes, you could pour your cake batter into a turkey roasting pan and it will bake that way. But you’re better off using a cake pan. You want people to be able to recognize the structure of a cake. It’s usually round, about so high, frosting on top, etc. This isn’t going to change the way the cake tastes, but it will make the cake more convenient to consume because diners won’t have to stop and ask questions first.

How to Capture Students’ Attention in a Crowded Digital World

Warning: The below article will not be your regularly-scheduled marketing article. Our usual staff is tied up in the janitor’s closet; we’re letting the kids take over today. This time, we’re exercising our creative capacity to think differently, and hence, market differently. Lots of university marketing out there is a stale, sleepy drone. Let’s change the station to Channel Woke!

4 Steps to Developing a Keyword Strategy That Drives Appointments

Keywords are the foundation of search engine optimization (SEO) in healthcare. They’re the language that people use to look online for information and answers related to their health. They’re embedded on website pages, blog posts, and social media. They’re the very fundamental “stuff” that search engines use to connect patients with what they need online.

5 Web Design Best Practices for Universities

We hope this doesn’t come as shocking news, but websites are kind of important for just about any kind of business. Higher education is no exception. In terms of digital marketing, your school’s website is your “front door” to the rest of the world. In the mobile age, visitors don’t ask people directions or look you up in the phone book; they Google you and let your online presence lead them from there.

How to Use Social Media to Attract More Patients

As a patient and healthcare consumer, there’s something attractive about getting digital updates directly from local and national healthcare providers. It’s an authoritative, trusted voice to turn to for guidance, recommendations, and reassurance. For healthcare providers and medical practices, this “natural value” has tremendous potential.

IOS 14 Update: What Facebook Advertisers Need to Know

When big technology companies fight, most of us have an urge to just grab the popcorn and watch. But this time the online digital marketing industry has a horse in the race. It affects how Facebook marketing will behave on Apple devices, as well as data tracking for marketing purposes on other social media platforms.

2021 Healthcare Marketing Trends to Watch

There’s no other way to put it: healthcare marketers have their work cut out for them in 2021. Even though agility and adaptability are nothing new to the work of a healthcare marketer, it has never felt quite like this. COVID-19 has created tremendous uncertainty, economic instability, and political volatility. Locally, nationally, and globally, healthcare is both top of mind and totally upturned.

2021 Digital Marketing Trends: Top Recommendations

The year 2020 has a lot of marketers scrambling to keep up. It’s a year like no other, really, with current events dramatically shaping digital marketing trends. Unless you’ve been living under a rock—or Norway, maybe—this laundry list should sound familiar: socio-political turmoil, including mass protests, violent street clashes, and an upcoming election; a cooling U.S. economy; destructive wildfires and unpredictable weather phenomena; and of course, our old, pugnacious nemesis, COVID-19.

How to Build a Thriving Digital Reputation for Your Medical Practice

As important as your next breakfast burrito might be, there’s a difference between picking up your smartphone to find good Mexican food and seeking a local healthcare provider. People take their healthcare needs seriously. Finding the right surgeon, dentist, or primary care physician is very often a life decision.

Google Winter Updates and Features: What You Need to Know

From roughly December 3, 2020 through the end of January 2021, webmasters all over the web had one question: “What happened to the traffic?” The answer is that Google launched a massive core update in early December 2020. Normally, Google tries to avoid these during the busy holiday shopping season for obvious reasons—they disrupt the flow of online commerce. COVID-19 delays and other complications pushed the core update to early December, so many business owners and marketers had an unpleasant surprise this holiday.

The Insider’s Guide to Local SEO for Dental Groups and DSOs

Another year, another period of considerable growth for the dental industry. Healthy smiles don’t go out of business, it seems. Take the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing privately-held companies, for example. The 2020 list includes a lot of dental group practices, dental support organizations (DSOs), and dental companies. As points out, there are 34 dental-related companies on the 2020 list, 18 of which are “dental care providers with a mix of DSOs, single location dental practices, and dental group practices.”

How to Develop and Protect a Positive Reputation for Your School

For higher education institutions, a strong online reputation can influence leads, enrollments, retention, as well as alumni relations. As such, it’s important to actively manage your online reputation by implementing both a proactive and reactive reputation management strategy.

Marketing Messages for the Things Students Care About Most

Of all the life decisions, choosing a school for continuing education is one that people tend to ruminate upon for a long time. It’s one of those few decision points, like marrying, starting a family, or moving to a new state, that tends to set the narrative for the rest of your life. As a higher education institution, your mission should be to use marketing to guide students along the path to selecting your school and answering all of the questions and concerns they might have along the path to that decision.

How To Optimize Your Content For Search Questions

How do people search the web? This turns out to be a much deeper question than we’d ever anticipated, given that the very concept of “searching the web” has only existed for about 30 years or so. It turns out that studying web search unlocks all kinds of questions relating to technology, psychology, semantics, and even a bit of cognitive theory.

How to Increase Word-of-Mouth Recommendations For Your School

Today’s college-age students, by a growing proportion every year, are from Generation Z, and we’re gradually learning quite a bit about them. In some ways, this generation runs along an axis of values and trends set before them by previous generations, while in other ways, they take off in their own direction.

5 Digital Solutions to Improve Patient Access to Healthcare

Healthcare marketers can learn a lot from JetBlue. Seriously. In recent years, the budget air carrier has totally revamped its customer experience, to wide and well-deserved acclaim. How did they do it? They put the customer experience at the center of their entire design. Today, things are much easier for passengers flying with JetBlue, from self-check-in and bag drop to a handy dandy mobile app.

PPC Best Practices Plastic Surgeons Can Use to Get More Leads

Daily health-related searches total 70,000 a minute. That’s more than a billion healthcare-related searches a day. Plastic surgeons, listen up. With that many prospective patients looking for care, it’s no surprise that the top spots on search engine results pages (SERPs) are very competitive. No matter how large or small your plastic surgery practice is, you’re likely battling it out with other practices, vendors selling to hospitals, and even health insurance companies.

Marketing Strategies to Increase MBA Enrollment

The market for MBAs is stronger than ever. Learn how your school can capitalize on this new interest and develop a digital marketing strategy that encourages MBA enrollment.

How to Boost Local Rankings for Multi-location Medical Groups

Remember when CVS and Aetna announced their merger back in 2017? At the time, it was the latest blockbuster in a series of high-profile healthcare mergers, a trend that has continued into 2021. Cone Health and Sentara. Four hospitals on the south side of Chicago merge. Tenet Healthcare just announced plans to acquire up to 45 ambulatory surgery centers.

Building a Foundation for Better ROI Measurement

How do you measure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign? In website clicks, newsletter subscriptions, or direct sales? Measuring ROI isn’t just the aftermath of marketing, it’s a step in the marketing cycle itself.

How to Build a Positive Digital Reputation

The Internet and social media have introduced a new standard that is now taken for granted: the peer testimonial. Modern generations have grown to distrust “Madison Avenue” style marketing, in favor of word-of-mouth recommendations. It’s true that word-of-mouth existed before social media (and the Internet), but the digital world has put that power in people’s hands in a way that is more accessible. With a simple search from their mobile device, consumers can gain insight into what it’s like to do business with a company. Based on what they find, they’ll either choose that business or search for another option. Reviews can make or break a business.

Local SEO Ranking Factors for 2021

A local SEO strategy is pretty much a given for any business with a physical location. Do you rely on foot traffic, street traffic, walk-ins, or phone-in/website appointment? Then you need to develop a local SEO strategy, because paper maps, Yellow Pages, and the rest of analog navigation are things of the past

How Patients Choose Healthcare Providers: What You Need to Know and Do

Now more than ever, patients call the shots. Thanks to 24/7 internet access and unprecedented access to information, patients can be a lot more selective when it comes to finding and choosing a healthcare provider. Maybe they want to switch primary care providers. Or maybe they need to find a reputable implant surgeon for the dental procedure they need.

Round Table: Patient Acquisition Trends For 2021

Gain guidance on the top trends impacting patient acquisition by viewing a round table hosted by Cardinal Digital Marketing, with some of the nation’s leading healthcare marketing experts.Hosted By:Alex Membrillo, CEO of Cardinal Digital Marketing Kelly Hammons, Executive Director: Business Development at Cameron Memorial Hospital Amanda Howard, Director of Marketing at CityVet Blair Primis, SVP [...]

How Medical Practices Can Drive Growth with PPC and SEO

When we talk about driving growth with search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC), we’re talking about ways to get to the top of the search engine results. We’re talking about outranking competitors and outstripping advertisers. We’re talking about winning both organic and paid search engine traffic.

5 Proven Tips That Increase Facebook Ad Conversions

How did ads get so complicated? It used to be "here's a 728x90 leaderboard, throw it at the top of the page and see who clicks." Now, modern advertising platforms are dynamic little programs all their own. Facebook ads have grown increasingly complex and advertisers have access to a wide variety of ad objectives, ad [...]

How to Build A College Thought Leadership Marketing Strategy

What is a thought leader? When you see this phrase, you likely think of the kind of person who delivers a keynote speech at a conference or an expert cited in a reputable publication. A thought leader is recognized as an expert authority in a specialized field. We can see thought leaders in action whenever we turn on the news or pick up a paper. They bring out Neil deGrasse Tyson to offer his thoughts on astrophysics whenever we launch a rocket or find a new comet.

How UX Copywriting Can Improve Your Website Rankings

When people think about user experience, they usually think about design, usability, and website behavior. However, user experience extends beyond design and how fast a web page loads. An inherent part of your experience on a website is shaped by the words on the page. The words that you use within your navigation, headings, blog categories, and buttons all communicate information to users and directly contribute towards a user’s experience. Beyond that, they’re also vitally important to search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO vs PPC: How They Work Together to Drive Growth

Here we are talking about digital marketing, and it seems a lot of businesses out there view this dichotomy between search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Both of them get you online traffic. Both of them have a cost combined from cash and time. So we see people asking “Which one should I focus on?”

Marketing Mental Health Awareness in Higher Education

The stresses of the global pandemic have exacerbated mental health issues among college students. Universities should make mental health awareness part of their marketing and communication strategy and help students access the support they’re desperately seeking.

8 Urgent Care Marketing Trends to Follow in 2021

How far the world of healthcare marketing has come. Think back to 1990, when urgent care centers were originally designed to fill gaps in the health service chain. Since then, urgent care facilities have evolved into a unique niche within the healthcare industry.

How Chatbots Can Improve the Patient Experience

Despite their recent hype, chatbots are not a new phenomenon. The technology has been around for many years. In fact, you’ve likely encountered chatbots in your myriad internet adventures. Today, they’re everywhere, poking and prodding you from the bottom-right corner of every website. From basic question-answer bots to AI-powered healthcare chatbots like Baidu’s Melody, chatbots can create tremendous value.

Your First Marketing Agency: What to Expect

As the wheels of the global market turn, every day a company somewhere gets to the point where they realize they need a marketing agency. When that business is a raw start-up, they often do their own self-promotion and everybody wears all the different “hats.” But every growing business gets to that point where it has to choose between hiring on more staff or outsourcing some functions that don’t need to be in-house. One of the first functions you should consider outsourcing is marketing, for reasons we’ll dive into here.

Top 5 Questions People Ask About Local SEO

Once upon a time, the concept of search engine optimization (SEO) didn’t have a local component. You were on the World Wide Web and just as well off reading a blog in Singapore as in London. If you wanted a local business, you checked the Yellow Pages or asked somebody you knew.

How to Optimize Your Law Firm’s FAQ Page

Having a frequently asked question (FAQs) page up on your website sets the tone that you’re a helpful resource. By anticipating and answering your potential clients’ questions, you build up a relationship of trust. You set the potential client’s expectations by delivering transparent, factual answers. You become a voice of expertise as you relieve their anxiety (assuming they’re frantically searching the web with a lap full of legal papers).

How Social Media and College Students Are Evolving

If you want to up your social media game, you need to know how social media has evolved and the current trends. So, let’s get a snapshot of the social media landscape for 2020. What’s hot, what’s not, and what do we do with it?

How Chatbots Are Useful in Higher Education Marketing

Each year, more colleges and universities are deploying chatbots, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only furthered this trend. As artificial intelligence (AI) technology improves, chatbots and virtual assistants are better equipped to handle more responsibilities in the academic world.

Navigating a Surgical Backlog While Protecting Your Brand

While we watch hospitals in Utah, Des Moines, and other midwestern cities become overwhelmed by COVID-19 cases, we’re reminded of yet another problem brewing throughout the United States’ healthcare system: surgical backlogs. Exacerbated by the widespread impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the backlog of outstanding surgeries has grown to near-record levels.

How Healthcare Marketers Can Make Better Use of Video

The world of healthcare is all about people. From patients and their families to the nurses, physicians, and specialists that care for them, people make the whole thing go. And wherever people are the foundation, good storytelling is sure to follow.

Why Did My Website Traffic Decrease?

Search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing is a thrilling game of ups and downs. If you conquer the keyword category for a niche and come up #1 in featured snippets and Q&A, you start feeling invincible. You stop reacting to the online conversation and start actually shaping it. The power goes straight to your head after a while. You see a second-place site rising in the search rankings and turn into a Disney villain:

Your Website Structure and SEO: A Primer

A funny thing has happened in the online business world in the past decade, something that we never expected to happen. People who do business on the web have lost touch with the fundamental operating mechanics of the web! Even the designers and developers now are losing their grip on basic Internet concepts.

Google Ads Trends to Watch in 2021

It requires only a cursory glance at the 2020 marketing landscape to conclude that COVID-19 has affected search behavior in profound ways. People are stuck at home (mostly). People are stressed out, scared, and overworked. The kids are running wild! On top of that, search engine competition has only intensified as marketers continue tightening their belts.

Creative Ways To Promote Campus Culture During a Pandemic

Don’t look now, but the COVID-19 pandemic is still wreaking havoc on the entire higher education industry. The higher education industry was already facing a challenging time with many factors conspiring to put schools in a tough spot in recent years. Then the pandemic came along and made everything worse. Schools now have an uphill battle for enrollment, many of them having to turn to aggressive marketing for the first time.

How to Respect Data Privacy in Digital Marketing

If we had to say for sure who started “the Great Data Privacy Panic,” it actually comes down to this guy: Edward Snowden. Edward Snowden made a big publicity splash in 2013 when he attracted considerable attention to US government surveillance. The Millennial generation, which had been reasonably content up until then, exploded in frenzy. They idolized Snowden and hung on his every word.

What to Expect from a Technical SEO Audit

Any complex enough machinery needs an occasional inspection and possibly some maintenance. Everybody understands this, whether we’re rolling the car into the shop for a tune-up or having the HVAC technician drop by to check the heater before winter sets in.

Top Programmatic Advertising Trends for 2021

When it comes to one of the most important pieces of the advertising puzzle, programmatic display advertising, the rapid explosion of new media is hardly making things any easier. Before we dive into the trends that are emerging in 2021, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page.

Understanding Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

There’s one main thing to understand upfront about artificial intelligence (AI). Take 99% of everything you’ve heard the media say about AI. Now find an actual expert on the subject and show them the latest AI story headline from the likes of Wired, The Guardian, or even The New York Times. That expert will literally turn into Patrick Stewart on the spot:

5 Video Marketing Trends to Watch in 2021

Video is at an all time high. Most out-of-home entertainment options have been canceled, and people are staying safe at home. This means they’re spending more time than ever consuming video content. This trend is likely to continue through 2021, which means marketers can’t ignore video any longer.

How to Become a Legal Thought Leader

Professionals in the legal industry are sitting on the marketing golden ticket, and most of them don’t even know it. Legal firm marketing faces several challenges in the 21st century. Their trade has a negative reputation among the general public, and clients who have to pick a lawyer generally play phone-book roulette and go with the first attorney who returns their call. A narrow set of specialties aggressively markets to the public, such as the accident settlement and debt consolidation niches, but the rest might as well be faceless as far as the public is concerned.

5 Conversion Rate Optimization Trends (CRO) for 2021

The year 2020 may have completely upturned the lives of digital marketers, but one thing hasn’t changed (and probably never will): the need to attract and convert people into leads, sales, and customers. The evolving ways in which we’ll attract people to our digital entities is the work of another blog post (see 2021 SEO trends, 2021 Facebook ads trends, and 2021 digital marketing trends). In this post, we’d like to explore conversion rate optimization (CRO) and the trends that will drive this important part of digital marketing in 2021.

5 Things We Wish Our Digital Marketing Clients Knew

Digital marketing, especially the online kind involving search engine optimization (SEO), suffers from a checkered reputation. This is a natural effect of the industry. From the beginning of the era of search engine dominance (Google incorporated 1998), online entrepreneurs began the quest to optimize websites so they would appear higher in more search results. Except that there was no such thing as an “expert” in the field, so everybody just winged it at first.

How to Make Patients Feel Safe Getting In-Person Care

Uncertainty seems to be the word du jour for 2020. People are uncertain if it’s safe to travel, go out to restaurants, or send their children back to the classroom. This is especially true within the healthcare space, where consumers are continuing to defer treatment out of an abundance of perceived caution.

How Higher Ed Marketers Can Use Remarketing

We’ve all seen this phenomenon when we cruise around the web:
You visit a video streaming site to check out their selection of zombie flicks for October viewing. Then later you’re on some unrelated site like Facebook and suddenly there are ads for The Walking Dead. Or you shop Etsy for a funny coffee mug to give your coworker for a gift, and then every other site you visit for a while suddenly has ads obsessed with coffee mugs. Research some marketing topics, and the next three YouTube videos you watch will be preceded by ads for online B2B software.

7 Trends that Will Shape Facebook Advertising in 2021

Things evolve so quickly at Facebook that the question advertisers face in 2021 is what can’t we do? Innovation will surely abound, including new ways to employ video, artificial intelligence (AI), and augmented reality. It really promises to be a marketer’s smorgasbord, one that’s more crowded and competitive than ever.

How to Create the Best Inbound Marketing Program for Your University

Along with the other upheavals to the markets that 2020 has brought, the higher education industry has changed overnight from being merely competitive before to practically cutthroat now.

6 PPC Best Practices for Attracting More Patients

So much of the external circumstances shaking things up in 2020 are inextricably tied to the world of healthcare. Here’s to hoping, first and foremost, that a lot of things get a whole lot better in 2021. As healthcare marketers look to their 2021 strategies, there’s certainly room for optimism. As we see it, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, in particular, presents a tremendous opportunity for healthcare organizations to survive the pandemic and emerge even stronger.

2021 Hospital Marketing Trends

Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak in March 2020, hospitals have been at the forefront of global pandemic response. When we here talk of “at capacity” ICUs, ventilators, and PPE—case surges, staff shortages, and new details about the disease itself—we’re often talking about hospitals and hospital staff.

Top Legal Marketing Trends to Watch in 2021

Deep breath, everyone. Despite the COVID-19 outbreak and the widespread economic downturn, the legal industry is not collapsing. The need for quality legal services is as diverse as ever. It’s not going anywhere. In fact, research from McKinsey shows that law firms have been particularly well suited to “weather” economic downturns throughout recent history.

Top Higher Ed Marketing Trends in 2021

What the future holds for higher education in 2021 is very much up in the air. While the world of higher ed always seems to be in flux, with new marketing tactics and shifting budgets to deal with, as well as changing student populations guided by whims and proclivities of the latest generation of kids, it has never felt quite like this.

Marketing Playbook for Thriving After the Pandemic

It’s a sensitive time and businesses are looking at their marketing departments to help them get through it. With revenue down, the pressure is on marketing to engage existing customers, identify and expand into new markets, and protect brand reputation above all else.

Best Ways to Market to the Graduate Student in 2021

Empathizing with students scores high for their confidence level right now. The biggest asset we can currently give a young adult is an older adult to work with them one on one and help them sort out their concerns.

Building a Digital Marketing Strategy Beyond Your Law Firm’s Website

There is more to digital marketing for a law firm than just having a website. Your website is still a central function of your online marketing efforts. When you first launch your website, you might have a home page, a few pages dedicated to your services or products, an about page, and a contact page with a form for new leads to contact you and set up an appointment. That’s a good start, but if people aren’t able to find your site, you won’t get the traffic flow needed to sustain a business. That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in.

Top SEO Trends Every Marketer Needs to Know in 2021

The opportunity to peek into a new decade is exciting. And daunting. Especially for a marketing discipline that seems to change as swiftly—and have its changes as strongly debated—as SEO. Over the course of the past decade, the SEO landscape has changed in many profound ways, often in lockstep with the introduction of new technologies, such as voice assistants, artificial intelligence (AI), and the rise and evolution of mobile experiences. Google and other search engines have played a central role.

8 PPC Best Practices Every Higher Ed Marketer Should Do

Few searches in 2020 are as depressing as searching for higher education news articles. It’s like a holocaust out there. Washington Monthly just put up one of the most dire articles yet, “How to Save Higher Education: A New Deal for America’s sinking colleges.” You came for the clickbait headline and the cartoon of the university slipping into quicksand; stay for the gloomy pull-quotes

6 Ways to Reach Today’s Healthcare Consumers

For better or worse, a complete return to normalcy seems unlikely, especially in the world of healthcare. Now that we’ve had a chance to settle into the whole quarantine, wear-a-mask, and social distancing thing, it’s clear that COVID-19 has dramatically impacted the behaviors of healthcare consumers.

6 Opportunities for Higher Education Marketers During COVID-19

So here we are looking at the crisis market of higher education. In our previous article, we talked about the challenges that higher education institutions face in marketing. The global COVID-19 pandemic was just part of the story. Even before that, universities were already experiencing market decline due to a host of other trends, ranging from being out of touch with the modern digital-native student audience to students having declining faith in the economic feasibility of a degree.

7 Proven PPC Best Practices for Winning More Legal Clients

The one thing you’ll need to help snag some of these anticipated clients is some proactive digital marketing. That’s where we’re coming in. Perhaps you’ve already dipped a toe into pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on the Google Ads network. We’re assuming you’re familiar with the benefits of digital marketing strategies for law firms as opposed to the old-school world of Yellow Pages and billboards.

The Essential Tools of Successful Lead Generation Programs

We talk about search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing a lot around here. It’s a popular topic, and most online entrepreneurs are focused on just getting that sweet traffic. But what happens after the traffic gets to you? You can’t just assume that you can plop down a landing page with a shopping cart app and expect the magic to happen from there.

How Healthcare Organizations Can Thrive in the Age of COVID-19

Gain guidance on how to navigate these challenging times by viewing a round table hosted by Cardinal Digital Marketing, with some of the nation’s leading healthcare marketing experts.Hosted By:Alex Membrillo, CEO of Cardinal Digital Marketing Jennifer Schultz, Senior Vice President of OU Medicine Cody Lee, Vice President of Summit Partners Leslie Gibbs, CMO of Modern [...]

Why Telehealth Has a Future After COVID-19

In facing a global pandemic, patients and providers everywhere are being forced to re-evaluate access to healthcare. For patients, the days of personal house calls made by the family pediatrician seem quite distant. Senior care and elective surgeries might never be the same. And for physicians, well—most healthcare organizations are still strictly limiting in-person care on an as-needed basis.

How to Determine What Higher Ed Marketing Agency is Right for You

Finding the right digital marketing agency for higher education institutions sounds like a daunting task. “Digital marketing” isn’t exactly a phrase most college faculties are used to bandying about anyway. Academic professionals tend to look down their nose just a little at this whole “marketing” field, which means they aren’t the best ally to higher ed marketing teams. Surely, the students should flock to your honored institution based on its outstanding reputation alone, should they not?

Understanding User’s Search Intent for Better Keyword Strategy

It’s time to talk about one of the hottest new concepts in search engine optimization (SEO). “Search intent” is a hot concept because it goes to the root of what we’re all trying to do with the Internet. It combines the sciences of artificial intelligence, human psychology, semantics, and a dash of sociology.

9 Best SEO Practices for Colleges and Universities

Competition for a spot on the first page of Google can be intense—especially in higher education. If you search for “what is the best MBA program in the US” (sans quotes), you will find at the top of the search engine results page (SERP) a “People also ask” box, some ads, and a few organic listings.

How to Target Facebook Ads with Your Email List

Behold, the casual web surfer in their native habitat: following a Google web search to your website. A mere wisp of the Internet’s pool of souls seeking enlightenment, they are drawn to your savvy SEO keyword content like a moth to a porch light. After grazing around in your pastures of knowledge, the web surfer, ever distracted, restlessly gazes towards the border of your web domain, always wondering what else is out there.

10 Important SEO Metrics You Need to Monitor

To ensure that your strategy is working as planned and that you’re not missing opportunities, you need to monitor and analyze that incoming traffic. SEO and content marketing take time and effort, plus some expense, so we want to make sure our efforts aren’t wasted.

How to Strengthen Your Healthcare Brand Reputation in the Post-COVID World

The patient experience has drastically changed in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. Out of an abundance of caution, patients now have to jump through new hoops to seek medical care, including new appointment procedures, telehealth requirements, and increased wait times.

Easy Link Building Strategies for Law Firms

Today we’d like to talk to you legal eagles about backlinks. A backlink is simply a link back to your website—the digital front door of your business. Backlinks are a good thing to have for several reasons:

They help clients find you
They increase your site’s authority
They boost your Google ranking
Anchor text in a backlink can help define your site to search engines

Amy Marshall from Ohio Health, Details How Digital & Traditional Marketing Has Helped Ignite Growth in Their Partner Network

Amy Marshall walks us through how the healthcare industry must pivot business to provide COVID services to increase revenue through trying times. The willingness to change your business model within healthcare marketing will help keep your business afloat.Resources from this interview Automated Female Voice: Welcome to the IGNITE Podcast, where we help marketers and CEOs [...]

Cardinal Digital Marketing Awarded 2020 Best Places to Work by the Atlanta Business Chronicle

We are excited to announce that Cardinal Digital Marketing has been named one of Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Best Places to Work. Founded in 2009 by Alex Membrillo, our agency has positioned itself as a leading digital marketing agency across the nation, specializing in SEO and PPC management.

8 Metrics Every Healthcare Marketer Should Track

The primary goal of a healthcare marketer is to attract and retain patients. Behind every hospital or urgent care facility serving a particular community, every “body contouring” brand providing elective plastic surgeries, there’s a marketing function hard at work. And while the types of medical practices vary, there is one undercurrent running throughout them all: data.

Easy Link Building Strategies to Grow Your Business’ Authority and Increase Rankings

In the early days of the web, link building was ever so much easier! Even before there was Google (it only launched in 1998, you know), there were web portals like Yahoo!, which first started as “Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web” in 1994. To get a link, you emailed Jerry and David. Links were easier to build because there were only a few hundred websites even in existence. By the days of guestbooks and GeoCities, it still wasn’t too hard to link build: you’d join a webring and you all linked to each other like an exclusive little club.

How to Find Out What Students Think About Your School

Starting in 2010, the “Arab Spring” was a protest movement sweeping through the Middle East. Riots, uprisings, and even armed rebellions occurred in one country after another. It caught many governments off-guard. After years of relatively comfortable rule where civil unrest happened only in isolated pockets, suddenly the ideals of these activists jumped from one group to another and spread like wildfire, faster than anybody could react to it.

Higher Education Marketing: Best Practices That Boost Enrollment

Even though more schools have started embracing the concept of “marketing” in recent years, there is still a lot of foot-dragging among the rank and file. “Marketing,” to some of the faculty’s ear, sounds like this crass, dirty thing that only other industries have to do. But there’s no choice now. Layoffs and salary cuts have begun. It’s time to market or die.

How to Create Effective Google Ads Campaigns

You can’t get far as a webmaster without bumping into Google Ad’s promo coupon. It’s right there in most CPanel default setups, tempting you with a risk-free $100 ad credit. And why not hitch your online entrepreneur efforts to Google’s wagon? In Google’s latest annual Economic Impact report, they boast 1.3 million businesses using Google Ads, AdSense, and other advertising solutions, while also driving one billion direct business transactions.

How Paul Gross, CMO of National Vision, Increased Patient Acquisition at Optical Retail Locations

Paul Gross walks us through how the evolution of optometry marketing through the years has moved more to digital marketing to increase sales for National Vision. Then, he explains how personalizing ads and tailoring content for specific posts in certain areas will make the biggest difference in marketing successfully.Resources from this interview Announcer: Welcome to [...]

How to Rank for Featured Snippets

Who wants a Featured Snippet? All the hands go up: “I want one!” “Me too!” “Over here!”
Well, too bad. Google tells you right here, you can’t mark your content as a Featured Snippet. Like so many other things in SEO, Google determines who gets the cookies from the Featured Snippet jar. Maybe you get one if you’ve been a good website this year.

How Podcasts Can Benefit Your Law Firm

We have to say it again: we miss Marshall McLuhan. His insights into how media, culture, and society all shape each other were intrinsic for navigating the dawn of 24/7 TV broadcasting in the mid-20th century. Marshall McLuhan would have had a field day with the Internet as it stands today.

Student Ambassadors: A Marketing Strategy to Increase Enrollment

Like most concepts in modern digital marketing, brand ambassadors have a history going back to mid-20th-century media and beyond. In fact, brand ambassadors go clear back to ancient history if you believe #10 on the list of Roman gladiator facts: “the most successful fighters even endorsed products just like the top athletes of today.”

How to Use Local SEO to Attract More Legal Clients

Up until just recently, the place you would look to find a local business is the phone book. Phone companies fought hard at the beginning of the 21st century to keep publishing a big yellow phone book, as the Internet basically replaced that function. As recently as the 2010s, phone companies are just beginning to shut off the automatic delivery of a printed phone book.

How to Get More Patients with Local SEO

When Cardinal Digital Marketing first started, we were strictly an SEO agency. Although we’ve diversified with time, we remain heavily invested in this aspect of digital marketing for our clients. Why? Because the first place people go to find a healthcare provider is usually their favorite search engine. Ranking at the top of search results is one of the most pivotal pieces to a healthcare provider’s marketing and patient acquisition strategy. Local SEO is especially critical for healthcare providers as people prefer to see medical professionals located near where they live and work. Nearly all of our healthcare clients have some kind of physical location where they see patients.

How to Get Started with Content Marketing

It’s 2020 and people are still talking about blogs. Some small business owners out there might wonder, “Isn’t there any way I can market my company in the 21st century without being Mark Twain?” It seems unfair to think that there could be perfectly good businesses out there who fold because they couldn’t get a blog game together.

7 Reasons You Should Hire an Agency to Manage Your Google and Facebook Ads

Out of all the mediums of advertising, online digital marketing is the cheapest per impression. That’s because the Internet is the cheapest form of communication media the world has ever known. Digital media just transmits information more efficiently. You can download a book in seconds from anywhere in the world. If you print it out on paper and ship it, or try to read it out loud over CB radio, it becomes more expensive or at least more cumbersome.

Matt Kelly from Salesforce on How Medical Practices and Healthcare Organizations Can Use Modern Technology to Increase Patient Volume

It helps healthcare digital marketing needs such as email marketing and social media marketing and is a great tool for healthcare marketers to use for patient nurturing, provider referrals, and so much more!Resources from this interview Announcer: Welcome to the Ignite podcast where we help marketers and CEOs learn the latest tips and tricks to [...]

Easy Link Building Strategies for Healthcare Marketers

The job of a healthcare marketer involves a lot of moving parts, from how you first engage a total stranger coming across your brand for the first time, to how you follow up with a patient to ensure they’ve had a great experience. Being both easy to find and a trusted resource for medical information is at the very center of a healthcare marketer’s work, but, fortunately, most times you can’t do one well without simultaneously accomplishing the other.

Simple Social Media Marketing Tips to Boost Engagement

The chief defining characteristic of social media is that nobody quite appreciates what a phenomenon it is. The Internet (specifically, the World Wide Web as implemented by Sir Tim Berners-Lee in 1991) was popular before. But it was still the domain of “just for geeks” for a few twilight years until social media took off with the advent of “Web 2.0” right around the turn of the century.

How to Get More from Your Google and Facebook Ads Budget

Few can deny that the year 2020, and likely the next few years as well, are a changed landscape for global business. Already, the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic fallout has proved to be an acid test for businesses, where some flourish while others fold. Fortune favors the nimble company that can adapt to this new market quickly.

How to Develop Your First SEO Strategy

Here at Cardinal Digital Marketing, we give out advice to many different industries. We write blog posts about marketing for the healthcare industry, restaurants, the legal field, franchises, and more. All those industries have one thing in common: they want to rank at the top of the search engine results page, especially for local searches. Many turn to Search engine optimization (SEO) because investing in robust advertising campaigns can become costly. Comparatively, SEO is relatively inexpensive. Sure, there are startup costs, like buyer intent and keyword research, content writing, and website optimization. But once you start ranking for the keywords that drive leads, the business walks in the door all by itself.

Adapt Your Facebook Ad Strategy to New Behavioral Trends

Facebook seems to stick to the front-page headlines in the news, and 2020 so far has been no exception. For the world’s most dynamic media platform and the world’s second-most visited website (YouTube beat it this year), it’s generated the usual low buzz of small-scale controversies like a politically-motivated employee walkout and a moderator who sued for $52 million in PTSD damages due to trauma of being exposed to the worst of the worst on the Internet.

Social Media Marketing for Colleges: Learn from the Best

Too often in the marketing business, you’ll have this scenario: you set up social media accounts for a business, organization, or higher education institution, hand them the accounts and they designate a social media manager from inside the organization. You check back later, and the feed will be one of two things: dead, because whoever was in charge of posting “ran out of ideas” or was “too busy,” or still active, but with just monotonous self-promotion and self-congratulation.

Why You Need Call Tracking at Your Healthcare Organization

In the healthcare industry, inbound phone calls have always played a significant role in the customer journey. In fact, Google reports that 56% of patients schedule their healthcare appointments over the phone even after doing extensive research online. On the healthcare provider side of things, speaking with patients on the phone can be a powerful way to guide them in the right direction and drive marketing and revenue objectives while doing it.

How to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing in 2020

As we point out often around here, Google wants your business to succeed. Google wants all businesses to succeed, and it wants all customers to spend a lot of money at those businesses. Google wants this, because a thriving economy means more money for them. Google isn’t the only one that wants this—so does Facebook. These two digital giants are competing for our attention, and in the process, they’re adding new features to make them the preferred marketing channel for businesses.

2020 Google Algorithm Updates: What You Need to Know

The online content marketing industry has passed the point where every search engine update was major news. Once upon a time, Google algorithm changes had code names like they were Pentagon projects and had advanced buzz for months. But currently, Google avoids making major changes that would affect how the web does business. We’ve all been through the refinement process long enough that a massive, sweeping upheaval would make no sense and would provoke cries of outrage.

Legal Advertising: Traditional versus Digital Strategies

Hang onto your hat, because we’re going to explore the wild and wacky world of personal injury lawyer advertising. First, we’ll explore some of the traditional legal advertising methods that law firms have employed—then we’ll dive into the world of digital advertising.

How to Define Your Law Firm’s Brand

In our legal marketing section, we’ve talked a great deal about the mechanics and logistics of marketing for legal firms. We’ve gone over technology, talked about how Google indexes websites, brought up things like directory listings, and the importance of getting good reviews.

Post-COVID-19 Legal Marketing Playbook

This is a time in history where the old saying is especially true: “tough times don’t last, but tough people do.” We can make the same observation that “tough businesses” last as well. We’re at a point now where business is in “survival of the fittest” mode. Being fit right now doesn’t necessarily entail being the biggest or richest, but being the most creative and nimblest in adapting business strategies to this new environment.

5 Examples of Effective Legal Blogs

It’s surprising how many good legal blogs there are out there. Lawyers are one of the few professions where good writing seems to occur naturally.

Now, if you tell your legal staff that, they’re likely to look around going “What, me, a writer?” But it’s true; the level of literary skills necessary to practice law puts you ahead of many professions out there. Lawyers spend a lot of their time thinking about the correct, precise way to say things, which is the foundation of legal English semantics. It also happens to make for educational, informative content.

Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Advertising

Online advertising is vital for any business that wants to create awareness or sell its products online. The good news is that with the diversity of social media channels, it’s become faster and easier to reach the right audience without having a huge advertising budget.

Digital Marketing for Beginners

If you own a business, then you know that the vast majority of the marketplace is based online. While you may have a brick-and-mortar store, the majority of consumers make their buying decisions by first exploring their options online through search engines, websites, and reading customer reviews. And now more than ever, more and more people are also making their purchases online for home delivery. Not only is it convenient, but in today’s environment—mandatory.

Top Questions Clients Ask When Searching for a Law Firm

The American Bar Association’s Legal Technology Resource Center argues a strong case for the importance of digital marketing in its Legal Technology Survey Report. In a survey of 2,000 participants, the results show a surprising apathy on the part of law firms regarding digital marketing.

Telehealth Marketing Best Practices

But there are an incredible number of benefits to doctors and practitioners as well. Unnecessary visits can be reduced, or altogether eliminated. Doctors can get more involved with their patients. And, of course, they can reach a wider patient base.

How to Connect with Healthcare Consumers During Challenging Times

For healthcare consumers, your website serves many important purposes. First and foremost, your site is a place for consumers to find your physical location, book appointments, and explore detailed information about your services, physicians, and products.

10 Best SEO Campaign Examples to Learn From

If you’re looking for a reason or some inspiration to finally launch your SEO strategy, look no further because we’ve got you covered right here. Search is arguably one of the most important digital marketing channels now as it can be used to both drive brand awareness and acquire customers. This makes content marketing and [...]

How Kurt Lee Hurley, CMO of American Family Care, is growing his urgent care group by implementing multi-local marketing best practices

From SEO to PPC to review generation, Kurt and I cover all of the quickest wins to help achieve growth in a multi-location healthcare group.Resources from this interview [music] Voice Prompt: Welcome to the Ignite podcast, where we help marketers and CEOs learn the latest tips and tricks to help ignite growth in their business. [...]

Strategies to Optimize Your Google and Facebook Ads Budget

COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders have changed the way marketers do business, forcing us to be innovative in the ways that we serve consumers. Together, we’ve shown how nimble the healthcare industry can be by quickly putting new methods into practice, such as telehealth, to make sure patients can get the care they need.

New Challenges in Higher Education Marketing (Plus Solutions)

Given the current situation, it’s not surprising if your marketing campaigns suffer a blow. You may be experiencing decreased digital engagement, fewer website visits, and a drop in applicants. Know that you’re not alone; this has been a difficult time for all marketers.

The Top Higher Education Marketing Trends in 2020

Welcome to our perspective on the year 2020 and what it means for the digital marketing industry as applied to higher education. We will have some bad news, some good news, and a digital marketing roadmap for colleges and universities for the second half of the year.

5 Inspiring Higher Education Digital Marketing Campaigns

What makes a great digital marketing campaign for a college or university? There’s a shortlist of bases a good campaign should address. First and foremost, a good campaign helps prospective students visualize the successes they’ll achieve by attending that university. They may also cover supporting points like a diverse student body, a broad offering of courses, opportunity for accelerated learning, a nurturing and secure campus life, and an expert faculty.

The Top Ten Questions Students Search About Your College

A key factor in marketing for any industry is to understand what the consumer wants. This is just as important in the academic industry. Students today understand now more than ever that it would be wise to do their proverbial homework before signing up with a carefully chosen university.

The Best University Blogs: What They Do Right (and Wrong)

In the world of digital marketing, educational institutions have several advantages that they don’t often appreciate. To start, universities and colleges can have a domain ending in “.edu,” which Google ranks higher in search. People naturally trust content from a university as having higher authority than your average website. A natural by-product of being in the academic industry is that universities and colleges frequently generate content, either through their students or their staff.

How to Market to the STEM Student

STEM is an acronym that stands for the academic principles of “science, technology, engineering, and math,” sometimes extended as “STEMM” to also cover “medicine.” It’s become one of the hottest buzzwords in the 21st century, dominating discussions in education, industry, and commerce. It’s synonymous with the high-tech industry, which values STEM graduates for powering technology innovation and hence large parts of the economy.

Insights from the Nation’s Leading Healthcare Marketers

To be the best in any business, you have to learn, take risks, and iterate your strategies. Those that fine-tune their marketing strategies are better able to meet evolving consumer needs and grow their healthcare organization.

Cost-Effective Marketing Strategies That Deliver Big Results

Now is the time to embrace cost-effective customer acquisition strategies like SEO, email marketing, and social media.

How Cody Lee, Vice President at Summit Partners, is Quickly Scaling Healthcare Groups with Effective Digital Marketing Tactics

Cody walks us through how you can get buy-in for your maketing campaigns and how to keep yourself sharp amidst the changing world of digital marketing. Finally, we delve into how you can work on your attribution solution (that ryhmed!) without any fancy tools.Resources from this interview Alex Membrillo: Hey, everybody. I'm really excited to [...]

Promoting Telehealth During COVID-19

Telemedicine, often called “telehealth,” brings healthcare to the patient when they can’t get to their provider through real-time audio-visual visits between a provider and patient. Right now, telehealth is playing a significant role in the way that providers treat patients during COVID-19.

How to Pivot Your Marketing Strategy During the COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has all healthcare marketers pivoting to patient communications, emergency and “essential” service line adjustments, and telemedicine integrations. Much of the traditional patient acquisition talk has gone out of the window as we focus on keeping both our healthcare workers safe and our patients well-cared for.

Why SEO (Still) Matters in 2020

Why SEO? This is a question that many new business owners and brands have for me when it comes to digital marketing. Search engine optimization or SEO has been around for more than a decade and a half. Although many clients accept the SEO at face value, you must understand why SEO matters for brands and businesses in the modern digital landscape.

A Guide to SEO Tools: What You Need to Optimize Your Website

Search engine optimization (SEO) is more important than ever. These days, new trends such as the AI revolution and voice search via digital assistant are on the rise which means that your SEO game should be on point.

How Much Does SEO Cost? A Quick Guide on SEO Pricing

Let’s face it, search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most critical components of an effective digital marketing strategy. In this ever-increasing digital world, if people can’t find your website online, they won’t do business with you.

How Leslie Gibbs is Preparing Modern Vascular for Massive Growth

Leslie Gibbs is wasting no time in prioritizing technology & lead generation at Modern Vascular. Listen in to hear all the marketing tactics she is deploying!Resources from this interview Announcer: Welcome to the Ignite Podcast where we help marketers and CEOs learn the latest tips and tricks to help ignite growth in their business. This [...]

Marketing’s Role at Each Step of the Patient Experience

At its core, healthcare is about taking care of the patient. While long ago a patient’s experience likely involved a telephone and an in-person appointment, things are far different nowadays. Most patients begin their journey online. Some of those journeys end online, too. In a recent consumer healthcare survey, 81% of patients reported that they read reviews about doctors even with a referral, and 63% choose their providers based on a strong online presence. When it’s time to make an appointment, nearly 50% prefer to make their request through some digital channel, further underscoring the significant shift in preference toward digital experiences.

How Hernando Ruiz-Jimenez is Growing New York Presbyterian Hospital

Hernando walks us through how he is growing NYP, one of the world’s premier medical institutions affiliated with the renowned medical schools of Columbia and Cornell, is a leader in medical education, groundbreaking research, and innovative, patient-centered clinical care.Resources from this interview [music] Announcer: Welcome to the Ignite Podcast, where we help marketers and CEOs [...]

Google Ads Versus Yelp Ads: Which Advertising Platform is Better?

Choices, choices, choices—where should I put my marketing budget? This is hands down one of the most common questions that clients ask me. Although I hate giving non-answers, I always reply with: it depends.

What is Content Marketing?

When people first hear about content marketing, it usually sparks many questions. How does it differ from traditional marketing? Are there different types of content marketing? What are the benefits of content marketing? If you’re looking for answers, this article covers all of that.

Google Ads Versus Bing Ads: Which is the Best PPC Platform?

When someone talks about paid search or pay-per-click advertising, they usually are referring to Google Ads and for good reason. After all, Google dominates the search engine space by grabbing 92.51% of the market share.

What Are SEO Keywords? Definitive Guide for SEO Beginners

Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the most effective strategies for online marketing. If you want more traffic for your website, then you owe it to yourself and your business to include SEO as part of your online marketing strategy.

Are Google Ads Effective? Is This Advertising Strategy Right for You?

So, you’ve spent a lot of time, money, and other resources for creating and setting up a website for your business. Now, what?

Need Help with Google Ads? A Quick Google Ads 101

When it comes to digital marketing strategies, there are many methods that you can use to reach new customers and grow your business. Among these strategies, one of the most popular ones is PPC advertising.

How Do Google Ads Work? Learn the Basics

If you have an online business, it’s a given that you should do advertising. Otherwise, how will you put your product or service out there and in front of your target audience? Advertising is one aspect of online business that you can’t afford to ignore.

Are Google Ads Worth It?

For any business owner who has a website, ranking on the first page of Google for certain keywords is everything. There are many strategies for ranking your website including search engine optimization. If you’re unable to rank on the first page, you have probably also considered advertising via Google Ads.

20 Top Digital Marketing Terms and Definitions

If you’re new to digital marketing, you may wonder what a few terms mean. As in any industry, jargon and abbreviations exist and can sound like a foreign language to outsiders. In this article, we will define 20 of the top digital marketing terms you need to know. But first, let’s get the basics out of the way.

What are the Benefits of SEO?

Digital marketers have a vast array of tactics they can use to grow their business. Depending on their product, target buyer, and industry, they may focus on paid digital advertising, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, or perhaps in-person events.

11 PPC Tools to Optimize Your Medical PPC Campaigns

For most business websites, securing the top position on Google is the ultimate goal. A medical website is no different.

How to Write Clickable Headlines That Improve Your CTR

The content, length, grammar, and tone of your headlines determine whether a person will click on your headline or not. If your headlines don’t appeal to your target audience, your content will go unread.

How Chryssa Rich, Primary Health Medical Group, is Staying Ahead of New Competition

Chryssa walks us through the variety of marketing & branding strategies she uses to maintain PHMG's status as the top dog in town.Resources from this interview [music] Narrator: Welcome to the Ignite Podcast, where we help marketers and CEOs learn the latest tips and tricks to help ignite growth in their business. This isn't your [...]

3 Examples of Healthcare Companies Using Google Ads to Generate Leads

If you’re trying to reach more people and SEO isn’t proving effective, you might want to consider paid search advertising. Paid search, specifically using Google Ads, can get you front of a large—highly targeted—audience quickly

Increase Brand Awareness Through Influencer Marketing

Take a look at any blog, social media feed, magazine, or even YouTube and tell me what you see? I’m sure there’s more than a few advertisements. Consumers are bombarded with advertisements day in and day out. Faced with so many, they’ve learned to tune them out. Only a few can break through the noise. So, it’s not surprising that many companies struggle to capture the attention of their desired customer

How Blair Primis is growing OrthoCarolina by Increasing Access & Improving the Patient Experience

Blair shares phenomenal tips on how he is adding online scheduling, more centers, and quicker visits to grow OrthoCarolina!Resources from this interview Voice over: Welcome to the Ignite Podcast where we help marketers and CEOs learn the latest tips and tricks to help ignite growth in their business. This isn't your typical marketing podcast. We [...]

7 Techniques to Scale Your Google Ads Campaign While Protecting Your ROI

If you’re reading this article, you’re likely getting good conversions from your Google Ads campaign and you’re looking to increase your ad budget to get even more conversions. However, abruptly increasing your Google ads budget is risky as it can cause your click-through rate (CTR) to plummet and your cost per acquisition (CPA) to increase.

How CMOs and CIOs Can Work Together to Improve the Patient Experience

The future of healthcare marketing is here and it’s increasingly powered by patient experiences. Healthcare consumers are now, more than ever, in the driver’s seat.

8 Alternative Channels to Drive Traffic to Your Medical Website

Search isn’t the only way to get people to your website. There are many other channels that you can use and it’s important to diversify your traffic sources. You don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket.

5 Healthcare Data Management Strategies Marketers Can Use to Drive Growth

The extent to which a medical practice can capture, share, and act on data will determine its success in so many aspects of business. Beyond that, your ability to meet and exceed customer expectations—to improve the patient experience and quality of care—will depend on your ability to make the most of your data.

What to Expect During Agency Onboarding

A step-by-step overview to the digital marketing agency onboarding process.

5 Programmatic Display Advertising Trends for 2020

Since its inception, programmatic advertising has grown year over year. It’s now the primary method of buying digital display ads in the U.S., far surpassing manual ad placement.

Beginner’s Guide to Programmatic Display Advertising – Everything You Need to Know

Marketers are allocating a greater portion of their advertising budgets to digital channels now. Digital advertising platforms offer increasingly precise data to marketers, so they’re able to reach their customers more effectively. PwC’s Global Entertainment & Media Outlook report predicts that by 2022, more than 50% of advertising budgets will be digital. Earlier this year, [...]

PPC Advertising Guide for B2B Companies: Strategies & Best Practices

You may wonder if pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a smart marketing strategy for business to business (B2B) companies. Will your ads reach the right people? At what cost? Or will they simply be ignored? Many people have the misconception that PPC advertising is just for business to consumer (B2C) companies.

You Get What You Pay For: 6 Drawbacks of Cheap SEO Companies

In the constant struggle to get noticed on the Interwebs, search engine optimization (SEO) is important. Like, really important. For proof, look no further than the thousands of SEO companies out there offering outsourced SEO packages.

How to Target Referral Traffic with Facebook Ads

Facebook advertisers have an arsenal of tools for engaging their audiences, which is why Facebook takes up 38% of the entire online advertising revenue in the U.S.

These 8 Visual Elements Will Boost Your Blog Posts’ Page Rank

Visual elements can transform your content marketing into something that people relate and respond to. If you want to capture people’s attention and rank higher on Google, you need to use interesting, entertaining, and eye-catching visual elements in your web pages.

How to Use Automation to Maximize SEO Performance and Save Time

There is an abundance of information on the web that can help you craft an effective SEO strategy. But when it comes to executing that strategy, it’s very easy to get stressed out and overwhelmed about the amount of work that must be done to yield positive results.

8 Effective SEO Tips Medical Practices Can Use to Acquire More Patients

In this article, we’ll share tips on how SEO can help you attract new patients to your practice. We’ll explain how to use these simple strategies, which don’t require much technical knowledge, and help you attract new patients and retain existing ones.

In-House Marketing vs. Agency – What You Need to Know

Not sure if you should build an in-house marketing team or hire an agency? It’s a tough decision. In this article, we’ll share objective information, including all the pros and cons, to help you make an informed decision on how to execute your marketing initiatives.

How to Select Your First Digital Marketing Agency

When you need to expand your brand’s reach, how do you deliver on these important organizational objectives with limited in-house staffing or no marketing staff at all?

14 Social Media Advertising Trends to Watch in 2020

Year after year, social media use has increased. Since 2018, worldwide users have increased by 9% and now total 3.5 billion. Social media platforms are constantly evolving as they grow and adapt to consumer behavior and incorporate new technologies.

8 PPC Advertising Trends You Should Expect in 2020

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a form of digital marketing that’s widely used today, not only because it’s cheap but because it delivers impressive results. Because of its ability to drive leads, an increasing number of companies are incorporating PPC advertising into their marketing strategy. 

Learn How to Increase Your PPC Profits in 6 Steps

Creating a successful pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign that delivers a high ROI is a satisfying feeling. But it doesn’t happen overnight. Often, the path to success can have a few detours. Sometimes you’ll implement an innovative tactic and boost your PPC profits immediately. Other times, you’ll try a new approach and instead of success, you’re [...]

12 Digital Marketing Trends and Innovations for 2020

Technology has turned the world into a global village in terms of effortlessly connecting people from different countries and cultures. In the digital era, sharing information is easier than it ever has been before. Each year, new tools and technologies have emerged and the marketing technology landscape has swelled to 7,040 solutions. Marketers can now [...]

12 Healthcare Marketing Trends for 2020

Now more than ever, people have a renewed focus on health and wellness. Patients are demanding better services to improve the quality of their lives. As a result, many options for care have appeared and competition is fierce in many healthcare markets. If you continue to use dated marketing techniques, the chances of growth are [...]

12 SEO Trends for 2020 That You Need To Know

As online competition continues to increase and new websites are being launched, it’s time to rethink your content marketing strategy and invest in SEO. Websites must meet specific requirements set by search engines like Google, and this is where SEO strategy becomes very important.

You must know what SEO trends are on the horizon so that you can update your website accordingly and ensure that more prospects and customers find you in the search engine results.

5 Unconventional Strategies to Generate Organic Leads [Backed by Data]

Whether you realize it or not, organic lead generation is vital to the success of your business. Without implementing a consistent daily lead flow, it'll be difficult to maintain the growth rate required for your brand to succeed. If you've been experimenting with regular organic lead generation practices and your monetary goals are still falling [...]

Digital Marketing Strategies to Drive New Patients to Your Medical Practice

At your medical practice, it’s likely that your ultimate goal is to help as many people as possible to live healthy lives. This can be difficult if potential patients don't know that you exist. Implementing a solid marketing strategy is vital if you’re looking to grow your practice. So, how do you increase your medical [...]

Medical PPC Strategy: How to Generate Medical Leads Using Google Ads

When people have health-related problems, they urgently seek answers and help from reputable experts. The first step in getting this information is often a visit to a search engine. Research has shown that “77 percent of patients conduct an online search before making an appointment with a physician.” If you want to reach potential patients, [...]

13 PPC Advertising Best Practices to Maximize Performance and Drive Leads

Investing in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a great way to generate leads for your company. If you’re able to create persuasive ads that connect with your target audience, you’ll see impressive results. But creating effective PPC ads is not quite as easy as it seems; it requires in-depth knowledge of your target audience and what motivates [...]

10 Best SEO Analytics Tools to Get Marketing Insights

Utilizing search engines in your digital marketing strategy is the best way to drive sustainable leads and sales for your business. Because when your website ranks high in the search engine results page, it results in organic traffic and leads. Recently, HubSpot conducted a survey showing that“57% of B2B marketers stated that SEO generates more [...]

How Jennifer Schultz is growing OU Medicine through efficient patient acquisition and a centralized marketing team

Jennifer walks through the details of how she and her team are increasing patient volume in a big way this year!Resources from this interview [music] Speaker 1: Welcome to the Ignite Podcast. Where we help marketers and CEOs learn the latest tips and tricks to help ignite growth in their business. This isn't your typical [...]

10 Digital Marketing Trends and Innovations For 2019

Please see our updated article: 12 Digital Marketing Trends for 2020. Some years ago, Bill Gates wrote the book Business @ the Speed of Thought. In the book, he explained how technology and digital infrastructures can put businesses ahead of their competition. However, the book already seems outdated…the internet in its early stages and the [...]

Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends to Expect in 2019

There are countless factors that impact the success of your dental practice. Consumer rights, public policy, health trends. But one of the most influential components that dictates the fate of your practice is the demographics of your patients.

Python Rank Investigation Template for Data Studio

How to Use Cardinal’s Rank Investigation Template Cardinal Digital Marketing has developed a Data Studio template for digital marketers to use to help investigate sudden ranking drops. John, Cardinal’s SEO Director, wrote an a how-to guide on Search Engine Journal about how to use Python programming to investigate which pages are ranking well for targeted [...]

How to Use Digital Marketing to Promote Your Offline Store’s Sales

Maybe you’ve thought at some point that your brick-and-mortar store doesn't need an online marketing strategy. After all, customers don't buy your products online. But that's an erroneous thought because the internet has quite an effect on most of our experiences that happen offline. According to Forbes Insight, 82% of customers conduct product research online [...]

How Healthcare Marketers Can Create Engaging Content For Their Medical Practice

For many people, understanding medical information can be challenging. Even though healthcare practitioners are enthusiastic and willing to help, people can get lost amid the technical jargon. Medical content that is too technical can fail to connect and engage with potential patients. Think about it, as a healthcare practitioner what's the point of producing content [...]

How to Generate Leads with Paid Search and Email Marketing

An important aspect of running an online business is to generate more leads that translates into more sales. Fortunately, you can get great results from your marketing efforts with the many channels you can utilize. Paid search is a popular and effective way to rank a website for important keywords and help get it to [...]

10 In-Demand Digital Marketing Skills to Have in 2019

Digital marketing consists of a large variety of tools, platforms, and tactics that all require some time to master. As a digital marketer, you need to possess a diverse skill set, including an advanced grasp of current online media channels as well as possess the ability to predict future trends, in addition to understanding certain [...]

10 Essential Local SEO Management Tools for 2019

If you’re reading this post, you know how important local SEO is for your local business. In simple terms, if you’re not ranking high enough for search terms related to your business in your area then in the Google map pack, you’re probably leaving a lot of money on the table. Your business deserves better! [...]

9 SEO Factors That Boost Your Search Engine Rankings Quickly

It’s accurate to say that Google is the number one search engine, and it’s clear that in the world of search engines, Google has the final word when it comes to instituting ranking factors. The other search engines out there- Yahoo!, Bing, Safari- simply follow the big G. Essentially, if your site ranks highly on [...]

8 Types of Content that Easily Increase Organic Traffic

Not all content types are created equal. Some boost your search traffic and enhance your personal brand while others do not. Content needs to be fresh. Nobody loves reading boring fluff consistently and has fun while at it. So, if you keep writing and churning out low-quality content, your visitors may just find another blog [...]

7 Inspiring Facebook Ad Examples You Can Replicate to Drive Sales

Can we be straight up with you? If you’re not investing in Facebook advertising, this is the best time to give it a shot. It’s natural to be skeptical about the ROI you can get from social media advertising, but Facebook deserves a chance. Here’s why: At the end of 2018, Facebook was home to [...]

6 Ways Google Ads Can Help Your Online Marketing in a Competitive Market

No matter what business or industry you’re in, you’re bound to have competitors. And over the years, the competition has only increased with the evolution of technology and the popularity of the internet. This is because you're not only competing against the competitors within your area, you're competing against all the businesses online that are [...]

5 Data-Driven Marketing Insights to Promote Your Medical Practice

As a medical practitioner, you want to help as many people as you can live healthy lives. But how can you reach more people if you’re attracting zero patients already? Our Healthcare Marketing Agency offers SEO solution or paid search service that can help you to generate high-quality leads/new patients to your medical practice. Think [...]

The Expert’s Guide to Optimizing Your Business ‘Services’ Page to Drive More Traffic

When a new customer lands on your website, which page do you want them to see?' Probably the one that explains your services and products and encourages them to convert. The Services page is one of the most important pages on your website, therefore you want to drive as much traffic to it as possible [...]

8 Uncommon Ways to Lower Your Cost Per Acquisition in Google Ads

The beauty of investing time in online marketing is all of the exposure you get for half the amount of effort you would spend in offline traditional methods. Plus, it exposes you to a wider market, giving you an opportunity to convert more prospects into customers. However, it’s not all fast profits… harnessing the benefits [...]

How to Maximize the Most Out of Your Google Ad Spend in 6 Steps

When you are spending your hard-earned money on Google Adwords or any paid search, you want to get the most value you can out of your money. Generally, Google estimates that businesses make an average of $2 for every $1 spent on AdWords. While a 100% ROI is a great return, that doesn’t mean you’re [...]

Target Position Zero: How to Rank in the Featured Snippets

When it comes to SEO, there are several opportunities and techniques that could help you to rank higher in the search results. But it does take some time to figure out how to do it right. Cardinal Digital Marketing can help you with your SEO. As a premier SEO company, offering full SEO Services, let [...]

7 Effective Tips for Medical Firms Using Google Ads to Drive Customers

Have you dabbled in digital advertising and Google Ads, but haven’t gotten the results you were looking for? Did you feel like you were spending a lot of money, but not getting many new patients? If so, you may want to consider revamping your Google Ad campaigns. According to the Google Economic Impact Report, businesses [...]

7 SEO Strategies to Drive Leads to Your Medical Practice Website

For your medical practice, driving leads to your website translates to driving more customers into your business. And one of the best ways to generate qualified leads is to use search engines. Check out our SEO services or ask us any question here. Many of your potential customers use search engines to find medical professionals [...]

How to Combine Online and Offline Marketing with Facebook Ads

Did you know that Facebook advertising can help you to reach your offline audience better for conversions than what you can generate online? In fact, you can use Facebook ads to promote online and offline products, services, and events regardless of the competition. That’s just one aspect of social media advertising services that we offer [...]

What is CRO? Learn How to Increase Search Traffic and Website Optimization

As an online business owner, the internet is your playground full of opportunities to increase your sales. If you are interested in learning more about SEO or paid search, our SEO company can help you out. Contact us today. Maybe you’re using some highly effective digital marketing strategies already, like dabbling into online ads, email [...]

7 Common Marketing Mistakes That Affect Your Google Ad Conversions

When properly implemented, advertising your business or specific products through Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) can increase your sales tremendously. If you don’t want to waste money on Google Ads by going into it blindly, our digital marketing agency can help with ppc management. A good starting point is to check out our Paid Search [...]

7 SEO Hacks that Increase Your Search Traffic in 60 Days

Are you ready to catapult your website’s ranking to the top of search engine results pages? If you’re strategic and focus on the user, then you can increase your SEO performance in less than 60 days- it is possible. Every business or company that has ever launched a website knows how difficult it is to [...]

Create a Medical Resource Center That Caters to You Patients and Prospects

There are countless factors that impact the success of your dental practice. Consumer rights, public policy, health trends. But one of the most influential components that dictates the fate of your practice is the demographics of your patients.

The Ultimate Guide to SEO in 2019

No matter how much traffic you got this year, I’m sure you want more high quality search traffic to your website in 2019. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Improving organic rankings and traffic can be a complicated affair. Especially if you have little knowledge about SEO in which case we would suggest [...]

12 Local Search Trends You Can No Longer Ignore in 2019

2019 is around the corner. A new year is coming. But some things will never change. Consumers will continue to need your services. You'll continue to want more customers. These are facts. Consumers will continue to use search engines to find local businesses. But will you gain more local customers through search engines in 2019? [...]

How Ben Goodman, VP of Marketing for CareSpot & MedPost Urgent Care, is focused on local brand awareness and using innovation to increase patient volume for over 100 urgent care locations

Ben Goodman plans to continue growing CareSpot & MedPost through increasingly effective and trend setting digital advertising strategies.Resources from this interview [music] [00:00:01] Recorded Audio: Welcome to the Ignite podcast, where we help marketers and CEOs learn the latest tips and tricks to help ignite growth in their business. This isn't your typical Marketing podcast. [...]

7 Steps to Win Local Customers Back By Using Google Map Packs

Due to the advent of the internet connecting people like never before, you now have the opportunity to get customers from all around the world. However, one detail many businesses forget is that people within their 10-mile radius are probably their best potential customers. People in your locality continue to use search engines to find [...]

How Christina Fleming, Vice President of Marketing at Windsor Healthcare Communities is starting with a brand and message first approach to growing Windsor

Christina Fleming understands that it takes a consistent brand and message if you want to resonate with your local population.Resources from this interview [background music] [00:00:00] Voice over: Welcome to the Ignite Podcast, where we help marketers and CEOs learn the latest tips and tricks to help ignite growth in their business. This isn't your [...]

A Step By Step Guide on the 6 Best SEO Analysis Tools and How to Use Them

To get increased engagement and results from your website, search engine optimization is a vital activity you have to put some attention towards. However, we know that's easier said than done. Monitoring search engine optimization requires tools that provide the right data about your website, business, and customers to help you determine what’s working or [...]

How to Rank Competitive Keywords in Google’s Top 10 Organic Results

Competitive keywords are hard to get up in the top of the list of search engine results. Therefore, you need to have a great strategy in place in order to move the needle. In this article, we’ll cover how to do it. The truth is that search engine optimization (SEO) can be a big challenge [...]

How to Avoid Duplicate Content and Indexing Issues on Your Website

Many website owners pay little attention to duplicate content because they don’t understand the repercussions of it. However, if you are continuously posting duplicate content, it could spiral into a big problem for your website. One problem that’s a direct cause of this is a drop in organic traffic to your website. According to Google, [...]

16 Google AdWords PPC Mistakes That Waste Time and Money [and How to Avoid It]

If you're running a PPC ad today, you want to get as much traffic to your website as possible and ultimately make sales. Sounds good, right? In fact, many marketers are already achieving that. In the State of PPC study by Hanapin marketing, 78% of advertisers felt good about their PPC campaigns, while 20% felt [...]

13 Best Practices to Increase Search Traffic in Local Search Marketing

Local search engine optimization should always be part of your SEO strategy with the ultimate goal of directing local traffic to your website. It's a fact that Internet users make their search for businesses, products, and services "location" specific. According to Geo Marketing, “mobile searches for ‘where to buy’ have grown 85 % since 2015 [...]

7 Steps to Implement Facebook Audience Targeting and Increase Conversions

For every business, there’s an aim to gain more leads and convert more of them to loyal, happy customers. Many people who love certain brands like them on Facebook, so if you have decided to advertise your business on the top social network, then that's a good move. For starters, Facebook has 2.23 billion monthly [...]

7 Effective Tactics to Increase Local Conversions with Google Ads

Have you ever wondered how you can increase your local conversions with Google Ads? It’s simple once you know how to do it. The first step is to look at local conversion tracking- a great tool provided by Google AdWords to the users to accurately measure the exact returns or ROI of ad spend. Effectively [...]

6 Steps to Creating High-Converting Google Ads to Attract New Customers

Knowing how to create and implement high-converting Google AdWords to attract customers is very important to grow your business, otherwise how are people going to know that you exist? If you are a digital entrepreneur or even if you are brand new in the online market, it is very likely that you have already recognized [...]